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Experts Look Beyond Green Cleaning Equipment

Strategizing sustainable technologies in new-age cleaning

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Green Cleaning Equipment

Sustainability playing a central part in corporate strategy in hotels and facilities management companies.

Green House Keeping in Hotels

Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager at Grand Hyatt Dubai, said: “It is important for hotels to go beyond placing tent cards on beds encouraging guests to reuse their linen and towels. Businesses need to invest in strategies that place sustainability at the forefront, educate and train staff on using the right technologies and conveying the message of sustainability to guests.”

Ahmed stressed the importance of staff training. “Having eco-friendly products and processes in place are of no use if staff aren’t making use of them,” he said. “This is why it’s important for hotels to offer training courses for their staff.

“There are a number of areas that hotels can focus on when it comes to training their staff, including water management and rationalisation, energy efficiency, and waste recycling.”

Technology and Laundry Cleaning

Rachit Ahuja, the CEO of QDC Software, a cloud-based SaaS provider, believes that while operators have used tech-based point of service (POS) systems for years, the implications of technologies as tools to scale-up business have only recently been in vogue.

“The laundry and dry-cleaning industries have been adopting these technologies without knowing for some time now,” said Ahuja. “This started with the introduction of SaaS based laundry POS about five years ago. Now we can see the extent to which ‘Industry 4.0’ is affecting our domain.

“From advanced conveyor systems, to machines communicating through software and applications, technological advancement is helping us do business more efficiently, effectively and smartly.”

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Ahuja maintains the only way to keep up with customer preferences is embracing the online transition. “Our customers are changing so businesses must keep pace with evolving demands.

“The transformation from physical stores to virtual ones is one of the major ways of staying relevant,” he added.

Ahuja also points to other Industry 4.0 technologies, and how they can feed data back to operators, as crucial for developing and growing businesses.

“In the past two years, IoT and cloud computing have become more commonplace and relevant in the laundry industry. With laundry machines now passing on process information, customised applications and emerging SaaS solutions act as both a POS and fully-fledged business management system. The biggest change has been the ease of scaling up in a smart way.”

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