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Professional Cleaning Equipment For Your Any Kind of Job: Nilfisk and Viper

For cleaning purpose, these units from Nilfisk and Viper truly are top-tier

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Professional Cleaning Equipment


When it comes to keeping the house spick and span, Filipinos are second to none. To the Filipinos, anything can be used to clean. Dried coconut husks, for example, are used by Filipinos help to clean and polish wooden floors, and a multitude of thin, coconut midribs taped together becomes an effective broom to sweep up dirty floors. While these are unorthodox cleaning items that are certainly smart and effective, these still do not compare to the professional cleaning equipment offered by Nilfisk and Viper. Their products are designed to deliver high quality cleaning experience that exceeds the expectations of any users.

Ever since Nilfisk-Advance, the supplier of professional cleaning equipment in both industrial, commercial and consumer markets, acquired Viper Group, a leading manufacturer based in Dongguan, Southern China that supplies professional cleaning equipment, an entire line of top-notch cleaning equipment was being manufactured and shipped all across the world. To both Nilfisk and Viper, no mess is too big to clean, be they a simple, lightweight household chore to the most demanding and heavy-duty industrial cleaning task.

The credit for introducing Nilfisk and Viper’s equipment to the Philippines goes to Co Ban Kiat Hardware Co, the distributor in a continuous effort to provide world class hardware solutions to the Philippine market.  Thanks to Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. the Filipinos have countless options for cleaning tools for household, commercial, and industrial use. Here are sample cleaning devices under Nilfisk and Viper’s wide array of cleaning tools.

First are two household cleaning machines that are sure to keep your any home spotless.

From Nilfisk, there is the lightweight and compact wet and dry vacuum cleaner with electrical outlet for power tool called the BUDDY II 18 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. It is a powerful helper for picking up wet and dry debris. These second generation wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with an 18-liter container and are equipped with an electrical power outlet to connect your power tool.

Viper, on the other hand, flexes the DSU10EU Commercial Dry Vacuum, which is suitable for daily indoor cleaning in offices, hotel rooms, small restaurants, retail outlets and light to medium duty applications. It is easy to use as its main switch which can be operated by foot or hand, cord wrap and hook function, accessory holder, tube holder and HEPA filter. It is simple and user-friendly with high manoeuvrability making transport easy. It has great value for money due to its ECO switch which can save energy in different cleaning situations.


Second are two commercial cleaning machines that are useful any time, anywhere.

Nilfisk enters the commercial cleaning scene with their E 145.4-9 X-TRA High Pressure Washer. This powerful tool has a long-life induction motor and easily handles larger and frequent cleaning tasks. It offers good ergonomics and a large range of operation as it is equipped with a 9m soft hose or 10m steel armed hose. From gentle cleaning of softer or more sensitive surfaces to blasting away ingrained dirt, this tool is equipped with many invaluable features. To increase performance, this tool comes with Click & Clean connectivity for a range of optional accessories.

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Viper as well has a magnificent contender: their BV3 Air Blower. The Viper BV3 Air Blower offers a powerful and more cost-effective way to dry even the largest carpets and floors as well as the fast moving of air from toilets and water closets in hotels, schools, offices, and similar locations. Working with the BV3 Air Blower is highly flexible and convenient. You can place the compact machine in several blowing angles. Get the all-out efficiency by linking up to 3 units via daisy chain. Weighing just 10 kg, the air blower is also easy to lug around, store, and transport. Powered by a new 3-speed induction motor with thermal protection, the BV3 will save energy and money. Also protected by the strong roto-molded shell, the BV3 Air Blower is tough and ready to operate in every condition. Due to its long lifespan and low energy consumption, the BV3 Air Blower must be in each commercial location.

Lastly, these two cleaning units (specifically ride-on scrubbers) from Nilfisk and Viper are here to modernize current cleaning processes in industrial factories and multiple industrial facilities.

The ride-on scrubber from Nilfisk, the SC6500D Ride-on Scrubber, is a highly productive machine for scrubbing and drying of large floor and indoor areas. It offers the best cleaning performance in its class, including the unique Ecoflex-system. Being easy to use for the staff – even for hard cleaning tasks – the SC6500 is ideal for big supermarkets, warehouses, airports, parking areas, food industries and heavy industries. With a scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm ensuring high productivity, a water tank capacity of 265 liters that enables the operator to work for 1.5 hours before refilling, and a high brush pressure, cleaning large places with NIlfisk’s Ride-on Scrubber is the way to go.

That is, if you prefer the AS530R Ride-on Scrubber from Viper instead. The AS530R is the first mini ride-on scrubber dryer in the user-friendly Viper series, known for providing high cleaning efficiency at attractive prices. With battery and tank capacity to clean for hours, this machine is ready to take on areas of more than 5.000 m2. An ideal choice for cleaning in hotels, bus and train stations, supermarkets, exhibition centers, shopping malls, schools and other institutions. If one likes a more compact, smaller unit, this is unit is the user’s best bet.

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For cleaning purpose, these units from Nilfisk and Viper truly are top-tier, so be sure to check out Co Ban Kiat Hardware Co.’s website for more information on them.

Where to Buy?

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is the largest authorized distributor of the best industrial hardware solution brands in the Philippines.

To shop online, visit 

Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc.
Ground Floor, Cobankiat Building II
231 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila, Philippines.
Phone +632 8243-1931
Phone +632 8243-5263

Phone +632 8894-6561


Coby’s Designer Center
Unit 467 level 4 Shangri-La Plaza
Edsa Corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Phone +632 86364895

About CBK Hardware

For almost a hundred years, a family’s surname has become synonymous to the country’s biggest hardware supply company. Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated, of the Cobankiat family has a regular client network of more than 1,500 industrial organizations; 1,600 traditional community hardware stores, and 584 home building specialty chain of stores across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.   This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

While the Filipinos continue to rebuild their lives post war, CBK Hardware sees the opportunity to introduce the retail concept once unheard for in hardware industry. The Hardware Workshop Store is the fruit if this endeavor. CBK Hardware further cemented its legendary distribution channel with the creation of Coby’ Design Center in Edsa Shangi La in 1996, a specialty store that caters to discriminating taste of modern Filipinos.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, the 4th generation Cobankiat leader, set another milestone for the company when he brings a franchise of Ace Hardware USA to the Philippines, and signs up CBK Hardware as one of its major suppliers. This further expanded into delivering quality world class products nearer to families of Filipino overseas workers in the countryside.

A century’s excellence can quickly pass, and guided by the vision to be the largest network supplier of the biggest global brands in the hardware industry, CBK Hardware resolve to source the best products to supply its customers anytime and every time.

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