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Questions To Ask A Pressure Washer In Savannah GA

In this post, you’ll be guided on the best questions to ask when interviewing a prospective pressure washing company, so you can make a smart decision. 

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Pressure Washer

If dirt build-up is too stubborn on your deck, roof, or walls, you need the expert services of a pressure washing company. Every pressure washer aims to provide excellent cleaning services, but not all offer the same quality of service.

In this post, you’ll be guided on the best questions to ask when interviewing a prospective pressure washing company, so you can make a smart decision.

Are Your Technicians Certified?

Whether you need pressure washing for your home or commercial establishment, you have to hire a certified technician to do the job. A commercial pressure washer is complex and powerful. Cleaning or power washing with high pressure can damage your property. Stringent guidelines should be enforced to clean each surface effectively and keep the area safe or free from damage.

Using a power washer takes the right knowledge, training, and skills. Choose a pressure washing company that trains and certifies their technicians. Check the certifications and other credentials of your prospective power washing company on their website, such as

Are You Insured?

A good pressure washing company takes every safety precaution to avoid undue damage caused by pressure washing. You want to ensure that you get professional help from a highly trained service power washing technician. However, accidents and injuries happen. Therefore, the pressure washing company must have insurance.

Liability insurance covers medical attention or hospitalization due to an accident during work. You won’t be legally responsible for compensating injured employees if an accident arises. A good pressure washing company offers workers’ compensation for their employees. It is one way to take care of their team members.

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Do You Offer a Service Guarantee?

You should choose a pressure washing company that can provide a service guarantee, which is an essential pre-employment consideration. A good service provider is confident and ensures a customer satisfaction guarantee. Choose a pressure washing company that can deliver the best results using effective and safe processes, or get your money back.

Here are some examples of follow-up question topics aligned with the service guarantee:

  • What Happens If You’re Not Happy with The Results: Asking a relevant question about this topic will give you an idea of the contingency measures implemented by a pressure washing company.
  • Things to Expect from the Pressure Washing Services: Ask follow-up questions on the number of days or weeks of the service guarantee that the company can provide.
  • Service Quality Check: If the company can make a follow-up visit once the company’s in-field team members completed the job.

 How Much Will Power Washing My Property Cost Me?

The cost of residential and commercial power washing services varies depending on the size of the surfaces or materials you need to be cleaned. The initial visit should be free of charge. Make sure that all verbal agreements are put in writing before you agree to anything.

Avoid a power washing company that cannot provide you with an estimate upfront. However, one thing you have to remember is that a company can’t give an estimate without seeing your property first. If you choose a power washer based on the price or lowest bid without considering other factors, you might end up getting disappointed with the results.

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Don’t think twice about asking your prospective pressure washing company these questions. It’s better to take the interview seriously to set clear goals and expectations. Also, it avoids frustration and regret, as well as wasting your money, time, and effort. Once you have asked these questions, you can make a sound decision of what power washing company to hire.


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