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This Engineer Finds Himself in the Food Business

He realized he did not want to become an engineer.

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India is a country with an obsession in engineering. Many young students are forced to take engineering courses regardless if they want to pursue such career or not.

Often, this ends up with several engineering graduates who do not want to become an engineer. Shankar Subramanian is one of them.

And because he did not want to practice as an engineer, he decided to work in a travel agency right after graduation. There, he learned how to run a business, so eventually he started one of his own.

A food delivery company is Shankar’s first business plan. But he thought that quality in the food he sells isn’t really assured, and the engineer did not want to make that kind of risk.

He said, “While distributing food, we have no way to determine the quality of food. And it is also important to have the right kind of people who will deliver food at the right time.”

Photo via Shankar Subramanian’s Facebook

After his first business plan went down the drain, Shankar thought, “Why not a restaurant?”

So the guy from Tirunelveli now living in Chennai did try.

It was harder than expected for him because not one family member has experience in business. With little to no guidance, he, together with two of his brothers, struggled in the first few months of running his food business called Madrasi Biriyani.

The business is centered on selling biriyani, which is a dish of spiced rice combined with chicken, seafood, or other meats. It is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent.

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Biriyani. Photo via Hungry Forever

From 40 to 50 packets a day in their first few months, they are now selling over 250 biriyanis. The trio even gets consultancy services from Chai King and Snacks Experts.

As to why this was his food of choice, Shankar said that “no one can say no to biriyani.”

With this success, Shankar is now able to build a team of 20 people. And guess what: all of them are engineers.

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