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Funniest Engineering Mugs That Will Keep You Smiling All Day

Engineers should own at least one of these mugs

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Funny Meme Engineering Mugs



These Engineering Mugs as so hilarious and will brighten up your day, every single day.

We have all of them at the office and it always lightens our mood.

With what is happening in our world today, I think we need this coffee mug today.

Every engineer should own at least one. In fact, they are so affordable that you can even buy seven pieces… one mug for each day.

Whether you are a civil engineer, mechanical, industrial, electrical, electronics, software, computer, petroleum, metallurgical, mining, geodetic, or chemical… you will laugh out loud every time you drink your favorite coffee using these funny engineering mugs.

This is also a great idea for birthday, Christmas, Eid, anniversaries or any occasion. This is a kind of gift your love ones or your friends will remember you with a big smile on their face.

Here are the best Funny Engineering Mugs that Engineers should buy online today. 


17. I ate some pie and it was delicious



Price: ₱299


Where to Buy


16. All you need is LOVE



Price: ₱1,159  /  $7.98


Where to Buy


15. Some Equations are Not Meant To Be Solved


Price: $10.99


Where to Buy


14. Theory, Practice, Our Lab


Price: $13.50


Where to Buy


13. The Optimist, Pessimist, and Engineer


Price: $13.99


Where to Buy


12. Dance Lessons For Engineers


Price: ₱700 – ₱757  /  $15.88


Where to Buy


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11. “I Can Explain It to You But I Cant Understand It for You”



Price: $11.99 – $15.55


Where to Buy


10. “No, I will not fix your computer”



Price: ₱590  /  $11.99


Where to Buy


9. “Arguing with an Engineer is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. After a few minutes, you realize the pig likes it”



Price: $11.99


Where to Buy


8. “Trust me, I am an Engineer… Let’s just assume that I am never wrong”



Price: ₱120 – ₱445  /  $10.99


Where to Buy


7. “I’m an Engineer, What’s your Superpower?”


Price: ₱914  /  $3.98


Where to Buy


6. Engineer’s Problem Solving Flow Chart



Price: ₱1,587  /  $15.99


Where to Buy


5. Engineers are Solving Problems You Didn’t Know in Ways You Can’t Understand


Price: ₱466 – ₱650  /  $11.99


Where to Buy


4. Problem – Sarcasm – Solution



Price: ₱299 – ₱590


Where to Buy


3. Dictionary Definition of Engineer



Price: ₱250  /  $11.79 – $14.99


Where to Buy


2. Nutritional Facts About Engineers



Price: ₱549  /  $14.99


Where to Buy


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1. Can’t Spell the Word Engineer



Price: ₱650 – ₱812  /  $3.98 – $11.99


Where to Buy


Why we love memes and why they spread so fast?

A huge part of the appeal of engineering memes is the fact that memes are not created by one person (or company). We actually do not know who created these funny engineering memes and where they were created. But I am definite that “why” they created this has a single unison reason… make engineers laugh.

We assume that these funny meme engineering mugs are not all made by the creators of laughter factory writers, comic book authors or popular comedians, for instance, though they can certainly be a source. Rather, these engineering mugs memes are generally created by anonymous engineers (students or licensed engineers) who probably got bored one day and decided to lighten up their day with a joke… and then see it taken, replicated, and altered as it spreads through internet mediums.

Understanding Engineering Memes is Being Part of the Team

According to Pennington Creative, engineering meme is a digital part of inside joke. “Being part of an inside joke is a confirmation of social acceptance. Your knowledge of a shared joke makes you part of a specific community and ties you together with the other people who are in on it. Memes are the digital version of that feeling. When you see and share a meme, you’re taking part in an inside joke on a much larger scale. When the meme you share gets shared again and again among your social group, it’s a reconfirmation of your place within your community. Memes offer a little bit of human connection in the digital realm, which can otherwise feel cold and isolating, just like an inside joke can in offline world.”

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