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This Device Could Be The Ultimate Solution To Snoring

Your roommates would thank you.

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Snoring can be very annoying. Not for you, who’s fast asleep and away in dreamland, but for your roommates (or housemates, if you’re that loud). It’s loud, disturbing, and can really get on one’s nerves when they desperately need peace and quiet for some shut eye. But most of the time, people just tend to live with it, no matter how hard it may be.

Sleep apnea, however, is more serious. Not only is one’s snores extra loud with it, but their airways actually momentarily take very shallow breaths or even completely pause while they snore. If it gets serious, the patient can suffocate while they sleep.

The current treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure. This contraption comes with a mask, hose, straps, and a bulky machine thing that does all the work. These cumbersome devices are not only an inconvenience to have and carry around, but they can also be pretty loud, making it impossible for the patient to fall asleep. They can also be quite expensive, retailing at around $1,500-$3,500 without insurance.

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This is where Airing Inc. comes in. Their newest self-titled product is a micro-CPAP that look like nose plugs can help patients with sleep apnea to breathe properly during their sleep. It’s the world’s first “hoseless, maskless, cordless micro-CPAP device.” At 0.9 ounces it’s pretty small and fits on the palm of your hand. The two nozzles on it ensure a nice, snug fit on any nose, and you can carry away into dreamland. Oh, and did we mention that it’s only $3?

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How It Works

What makes Airing work is the inhalation vent. “As the patient inhales, air enters through vents and is filtered and drawn into hundreds of micro-blowers that create the precise airway pressure needed,” says Airing Inc. Basically, the tiny nozzles work like bellows, expanding and contracting inside the device, allowing it to build enough pressure to keep your throat open while you sleep, ultimately eliminating sleep apnea and snoring. Finally, everyone in your house can enjoy their well-deserved peace and quiet sleepy times.

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The device is powered by a small zinc-air battery and lasts for eight hours. After that, you can simply dispose of it safely and get another one, as it is only $3, after all. However, Airing Inc. is keen on researching a way to make the batteries rechargeable so that all you need is one or two of these handy devices.

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The device is still undergoing FDA clearance ever since its launch back in 2015. They expect it to be done sometime in 2017. Once it is approved, it shall be deemed okay for consumers to use and to be sold over the market, provided that patients get a doctor’s prescription first.

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Their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo launched back in 2015, earning over $1.8 million by the closing day of the campaign in July. Shipping has already begun earlier this year to those who preordered or backed it on their crowdfunding page.

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    1. They are a scam. They got me for money as well. They change the company name and create a new ad. Smh

  1. This is a useless piece of shit thing that has every been mafe its a rip off and they should be turned in to the bbb

  2. Placed a order through a company called Thrifthill, actually doubled my order. My order was placed back in may and still have not received what I payed for. I have been researching reviews on this product and have found many people have been scammed and just like me have not received anything as well. Be careful when it comes to ordering anything on the internet. They advertised this on Facebook, I guess I thought sense Facebook has been censoring everything anyone puts out there that they would at least be watching out for the scammers but I guess it’s just what people say that they care about.

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