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Plug This Gadget to Your iPhone and You Have an Air Quality Monitor

This could be the world’s smallest air quality monitoring system.

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Air Quality Monitor


To monitor the quality of air in a particular surrounding, it takes a test kit that is placed in a stationary position. Well, not anymore.

Now, if you have an iPhone, you only need to plug Sprimo into your smartphone and you could get air quality results in no time. This gadget allows you to experience several bipolar ionization benefits without having the need to carry around bulky equipment or stay around in one room.

Photos by Sprimo Labs via Kickstarter

The Sprimo Personal Air Monitor, which hails from Silicon Valley-base Sprimo Labs, works just like any other air quality monitoring device: it senses airborne toxins and chemicals, plus temperature and humidity. The information you can gain from this gadget will help you better understand the cleanliness of the air around you, and can prompt you to look for solutions to improve it.

But what sets this different from other air monitoring systems, other than the fact that it can be easily plugged into a Lightning port, is that it gives you a real-time air quality score wherever you bring your iPhone. This means that you don’t have to wait for hours just to know the quality of the air you’re breathing. As long as the device is plugged into your iPhone, you can get this information on the spot.

GIF by Sprimo Labs via Kickstarter

It also does not require any batteries and does not need to be turned on. Plug it to your iPhone and open the accompanying app, and you’ are good to roam around and check the vicinity’s air quality. Users are notified on the phone’s screen about the quality of the surrounding air through numbers and colors. Numerical values from 0 to 50 (green) indicate good air quality, with little or no risk or air pollution; numbers 51 to 100 (yellow) mean the air quality is acceptable; 100 to 150 (orange) show that there might be health effects on some sensitive groups; and 151 to 200 (bright red) poses unhealthy air conditions.

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Photo by Sprimo Labs via Kickstarter

When the screen shows violet and dark red and a number from 201 to 500, that’s where the population of the area is surely to be affected by the air. What happens after the air quality monitoring is solely dependent on the user. You can opt to remove the source of the volatile organic compounds. Each Sprimo costs $20, but that’s if you help them in their Kickstarter campaign as of posting. Later, it will be sold twice the price in retail. For now, it’s only available for iPhone users, but the team behind this ingenious air quality monitoring solution said that an Android version is underway.

Why Is Air Quality Important?

A lot of people might think that the Sprimo Personal Air Monitor is only an accessory, and that there’s no need to actually buy the gadget. However, this isn’t the case. Monitoring the air quality around is actually vital as this can have short- and long-term effects to your health.

Monitoring air quality is important because it allows you to determine whether there are pollutants in the area. Breathing in air filled with pollutants can make you susceptible to allergies and other respiratory conditions such as asthma and pneumonia. If you were already diagnosed with these health problems, polluted air can worsen its symptoms.

If you don’t want any of these to happen, it’s best if you exert time and effort to monitor the air around you and look for ways to improve it. Breathing air is important to your overall health, but you shouldn’t settle for polluted air as this can only put your health and safety on the line.

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In Conclusion

The Sprimo Personal Air Monitor is a cost-effective investment, especially for people who are prone to allergies and respiratory problems. Once you’re convinced that there is actually a need to buy this gadget, start looking for reputable sellers and purchase one right away.

Source: Kickstarter

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