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Top 10 Ultimate Best Gifts for Engineers

The best gifts that you can give to your engineering love ones

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Ultimate Best Gifts for Engineers



We love gifts, every engineer will tell you that!

Whether its a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, Eid or someone passed that engineering board exam, these are the Ultimate Best Gifts for Engineers.

If you haven’t bought any items yet, you can buy them online.

On behalf of all the engineers around the world, thank you for the intent to give us gifts… you can buy two items in case the engineer broke the item at worksite.


Counting down the Ultimate Best Gifts for Engineers


10. Zero Breeze – World’s First Portable HVAC




Price: $790 – $949


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

  • Zero Breeze is the first outdoor air conditioner manufacturer in the world. The newest launched model Z19, has been upgraded on the basis of the feedback from first thousands of users around the world.
  • Built in with a 1100 BTU patented micro compressor, excellent to drop down the temperature from 90℉ to 72℉ in a 50 sq.ft closed tent. That will be more stable and efficient.
  • 5-in-1 DESIGNED FOR THE OUTDOOR LOVERS: Most of the portable air conditioners in the market are designed for indoor. We designed with those enjoying spending time outdoors in mind. Achieves 5-in-1 features from the air conditioner, fan, USB charging station, Bluetooth music player, and LED lighting. Perfect to meet many demands outdoor.


9. COFFEEBOXX – World’s Toughest Coffee Maker


Specifically built for engineers. Buy now online!


Price: $139.99


Where to Buy

  • Buy this on AliExpress
  • Buy this on Amazon
  • Buy this on GearBest
  • Buy this on Lazada
  • Buy this on Shopee


Why engineers will love this stuff?

  • The world’s toughest coffee maker… if you don’t believe us, then watch this video.
  • Specifically built for engineers and site construction workers
  • Engineered ultra-tough to tackle the toughest job sites. Stores easily with all your tools and gear. Crush proof chassis with a 1500lb load rating. Impact resistant design. Requires 120V power.
  • Works with all K-Cup pods. Enjoy a hot cup of your favorite coffee, cocoa, tea or other hot beverage. Choose from 8, 10, and 12oz cups sizes. Just 30 seconds to pre-heat and 70 seconds to brew a cup.
  • Weather resistant, water and dust resistant for outdoor use. Sealed construction featuring water and dust resistant buttons. IP54 rated. Keeps dust out of water supply.


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8. Engineer Meme Mugs



Price: ₱169.00 – ₱2,211.00  /  $4.74 – $19.99


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

We have to admit, engineers like me love to drink coffee. Early in the morning, it perks me up. At the office, it gives me energy. After lunch, keeps me going. And after dinner, nothing beats a night cup with your hubby.

We love the humor behind these mugs.


7. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife



Price: ₱4,599 – ₱36,029 / $21.90 – $299.99


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

Engineers love to fix things, anywhere at any given time. They are problem solvers and doers. If you break stuff or any gadgets, without hesitation, engineers will lend a helping hand… along with a Swiss Knife.


6. Math Wall Clock



Price: ₱426 – ₱899 / $5.60 – 12.99


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

They love equations, love their calculators and love maths. Every time they look at that wall clock, they will be reminded of their horrible college life and will remember who gave that wall clock… you.


5. KEF Porsche Wireless Headphones



Price: ₱21,000 / $276.10


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

This Red Dot award winning design from KEF is designed by Porsche. Our audio engineers around the world have unboxed this bad boy and it has passed across all features and specifications with flying colors. This is by far the best headphones that we have ever tested.


4. Engineer’s Pen



Price: $9.99 / ₱279  


Where to Buy


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Why engineers will love this stuff?

6 in 1 Design Multi-function pen: A ruler, a spirit level, a ballpoint pen, a stylus, a flat-head and Phillips screwdriver.


3. Stanley Tool Box



Price: ₱2,320 – ₱2,340 / $33.05


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

  • Flexible Platform: Removable dividers for customized organization of tools and parts
  • Simple shape and proportions: For easy access to both hand and power tools
  • Removable lid with side latches for easy connecting and detaching
  • The product dimension is (H) 9.6 x (L) 19.9 x (W) 12.3 in inches
  • Lid Organizer: For small parts and accessories


2. Portable 3D Printer



Price: ₱12,550 – ₱27,100  /  $184.07 – $459.00


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

Just like Tony Stark, engineers love to build things for the betterment of humankind… well not really. Engineers love to test, test, test. They keep what works and improve any short comings.

3D printers will allow engineers to fulfill their dream designs… from action figures to rocket propellers.


1. DJI Drone



Price: ₱9,100 – / $99+


Where to Buy


Why engineers will love this stuff?

At work or at play, you can never go wrong when you give this DJI Tello drone to an engineer. They can use drones for construction surveying, security surveillance, and play with it at the same time.


So what do you think? Do you agree with my best gifts?

Shout out to those peeps who are planning to purchase tees… no we are not going to wear them. Best gifts are listed here.

For students who are taking engineers, we have a separate article for you. XoXo


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Engr. Cody Catarina
Currently working as talent acquisition manager at Carillion Construction, Glasgow,UK. A badass mechanical engineer from University of Leeds. Editor and writer at GineersNow. Follow my travel and auto blogs


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