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Hack and Customize Your Car With This Ultimate Tool

Introducing Macchina, a tiny device that you can install in your car to customize it and unlock its full potential

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For as long as technology has been around, there has always been a way to hack it; and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, hacking can a good thing. It finds ways to get into your devices in a non-conventional manner to make it perform and function that it ever could’ve. From PCs, to mobile devices, there’s always a way to get into any device and make it the best it could possibly be. And now, you can hack your cars to do the same thing, with the all new Macchina.

Source: YouTube, machocave

Macchina is a small device you can install in your car to be able to read what’s going on inside. At first, it seems like it’s nothing new, since automatic cars have been offering that for years. But what’s different about this is that the Macchina can read and write your car’s Engine Control Unit. So not only can it see what’s going on inside the car, but you can also change how it works and what it does.

Source: Youtube, Josh S

You can do numerous things with it, from customizing your engine’s power, to being able to start your car with your own smartphone; the possibilities are endless!

Source: Youtube, Macchina LLC

“This is a fantastic development platform built for newcomers and professionals alike,” says the team. Although, common sense would tell you that you would probably need to be a steady fingered novice before you start changing things around in your car. The team is also noble enough to make the hardware and software of the Macchina open-source.

Source:Kickstarter, Macchina

It’s designed to be a comprehensive and universal platform, being able to connect to almost all brands and kinds of cars. It’s also capable of being programmed to connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and cellular networks via break-out boards.

The project’s kickstarter campaign was completed last March, and had successfully raised $141,758 with 1,463 backers, which was well above its $25,000 goal. You can pre-order the Macchina M2 on their Kickstarter page.

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