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Virtual Reality Is Changing the Construction Industry

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Visualization is an integral part of the construction industry and this can exponentially become easier through the use of virtual reality. Real-time 3D models have brought a positive impact to engineering companies who have adopted the system. This technology offers the users a near reality experience to the building even before its construction has yet to commence to the naked eye.

From entertainment, gaming, and healthcare, virtual reality is changing the landscape of the world we live in with the use of cyberspace. And of course, the engineering field will never be left behind when it comes to this technology. Here are the reasons why this breakthrough can break barriers in the construction industry.

3D Models

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the aspects that utilize virtual reality in construction which brings clients to tour the offices, homes, and buildings virtually. In this way, the customers can immerse themselves, take a closer look at every detail of the project and demand changes before construction begins thus, mistakes can be prevented.

Arup engineering has been using this technology since 2001 and major improvements in their services are delivered to their clients since then. They are able to provide an interactive experience to customers and investigate crowd movements which are crucial especially in buildings made for public or large-scale use. Challenging routes inside the establishment are assessed accurately which enhanced client consultation and confidence.

Improved Collaboration

Clients, especially the non-technical ones, might have difficulty to visualize the project based on drawn and printed plans. But with the help of virtual reality, they can easily put the building into reality and point out essential details that have been missed out. Architects and engineers could also produce better ideas as they have a clear vision of what’s is going to take place.

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Moreover, designers and civil engineers will no longer have difficulty in discussing the plan to clients as the clients themselves can see what to be told. Competency and efficiency in developing the projects will be assured if construction firms will adopt this technology in the future.

Future Practice

Many companies are still hesitant in investing in this innovation as it originated in video games, which for some, is not capable of engineering processes. In addition, for some people the process of wearing virtual reality boxes is uncomfortable to do. Though it is evident that virtual technology can actually aid the whole construction industry, engineering firms are only utilizing it as a portion of the pre-production without realizing what change it could make when it’s applied throughout the project’s duration.

The public is not yet fully aware of the advantages of virtual reality and one way to induce companies to utilize its full potential is for innovative companies to start the hype. Young engineers are also key in making this happen as they are the ones who are more exposed to this kind of technology and are willing to take the risk in unconventional ways of making the job easier but more efficient.

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