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What to Look for When Hiring Security

Before hiring a security service, you need to perform a self-evaluation of your specific security concerns in the business that you need addressed

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Hiring Security


The role of a security guard is to secure an area for its customers by patrolling and monitoring a site or facility. A guard will assist in protecting businesses, schools, banks, concerts or events, and other essential places.

You will see security guards or police security hired to protect celebrities or high-profile people to protect them from overzealous fans. Businesses hire security guards to ensure no one breaks into their secured buildings. Security guards protect against threats or robbery, and in some cases, have supplemented as law enforcement.

If searching for security guard services, you may not know what to look for in a security company. There are lots of selections out there, and you want to sure you are hiring the best service for your business. Hiring the wrong security service or guard can cause lots of frustration and leave your business vulnerable when you need to look for an alternative option.

Before hiring a security service, you need to perform a self-evaluation of your specific security concerns in the business that you need addressed. Once you have completed your self-evaluation, begin your search and interviewing process. There are several things you want to look for when hiring security.

Does the Security Have Experience with Businesses Like Yours?

Security guards and security companies will have different skillsets and experiences that make them well suited for different types of offices and environments. Most security companies tend to hire the same kind of security guard and do work for similar clients. For example, a security service company that typically is hired to protect bars and nightclubs might employ a bar bounce or nighttime security guard.

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When evaluating a security service or guard for your business, you want to make sure that they have clients with other companies that are similar in size, type, or industry to yours.

Is the Security Service Getting Positive Reviews?

An excellent way to get an opinion on a security service is through their current clients and reviews. Don’t just consider the stars that a company has in their review, take time to read through the reviews. Remember that one bad review isn’t necessarily a sign that the company is terrible.

What are the Security Services Skills & Qualifications?

When looking to hire a security guard or security company, make sure that they possess the following skills and qualifications: surveillance skills, ability to lift, practice proper judgment, able to deal with uncertainty, objectivity, dependability, emotional control, safety management, integrity, professionalism, and reporting skills.

There are other essential things to consider when looking at hiring a security guard, such as:

  • Experience & Reputation – you want a security guard that has experience. An experienced security guard will have an excellent reputation, and you want someone with a good reputation and experience on the job of protecting your company.
  • License & Insurance – when you are convinced that a security guard has the essential experience and reputation, you need to make sure they are appropriately licensed and insured. Good security firms and guards should have all the proper licenses and insurance in place.
  • Service Variety – you want a security guard with a diverse range of services that will cater to your companies needs.
  • Response Time – if something terrible was to happen at your company, you want to be sure that the security guards and company hired will respond as soon as a problem occurs. Also, you want your security guard to be alert at all times to their surroundings.
  • Physical Fitness – the security guards should be relatively healthy and fit considering their job. An out of shape guard might not be able to perform the physicality of their role very well.
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Security Guard Training

You want to hire a security guard that makes on-going training a priority. You want a guard that will know the ins and outs of your business and is up to date on the industry’s procedures, new training techniques, and any other updates. A security guard that continually trains and stays educated will be well engaged and able to protect you or your business.

In Conclusion

Security companies need to use caution when hiring mature and trustworthy guards to work for their companies. The security service and guards must be detail-oriented and able to meet your security needs.

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