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Huawei Unveils Home Energy Management Systems for Solar System Optimization

Huawei releases its “FusionHome Smart Energy Solution” in Australia promising its customers that it will optimize their solar systems.

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Recently, Huawei has released its “Fusion Home Smart Energy Solution” and is being launched in Australia. Its first customers are expected to install the new product this quarter.

According to Steven Zhoutao, the General Manager for Huawei’s Smart PV Business Residential Solution, “We believe we will contribute our expertise to the residential market, better develop the residential solar technology and provide strong support for a sustainable development and technical advancements of the global PV market.” he told PV-Tech News.

“Imagine your home producing enough energy for the whole family, never having to worry about rising electricity costs or your household carbon footprint.”

Source: Electrek

Huawei’s FusionHome aims to be holistic system that will aid domestic residences to generate and manage power as well as store power. The system also monitors the quality of power consumption and provide an easy-to-understand experience of using renewable energy in every household.

“Imagine your home producing enough energy for the whole family, never having to worry about rising electricity costs or your household carbon footprint. With Huawei Fusion Home Smart Energy Solution, you can cut down power bills and contribute to a better environment, without compromising your lifestyle.” This was how Huawei described the system.

Source: PV Tech


The new system makes use of a combination of domestic solar panels and smart monitoring systems along with smart domestic appliances. The ‘smart energy center’ allows communication between the rooftop solar and intelligent home appliances, so that power consumption is optimized. According to Huawei, this system means domestic consumers won’t need to invest in expensive battery storage devices while the prices are still high.

However, this new system already has a built-in DC-coupling storage interface just in case the user wants to retrofit batteries. FusionHome also says that it can increase inverter efficiency by up to 98.6%.

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

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Nowadays, Home Energy Management Systems (EMS) are getting more and more popular as a way to maximize the potential of photovoltaic panels. The main purpose of these systems are for monitoring and control.

Good Energy Management Systems should be able to let you see how energy is being both manufactured and used within your home. Depending on the type of system that is installed in your household, your EMS should be able to tell you how much energy is being used and generated. A comprehensive system allows accurate monitoring of consumption for both solar and batteries.


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