Slip-type air conditioners may not be a luxury cooling thing today. Considering the climate change and how warm it can get in some parts of the Philippines at certain times of the year, a typical average-income family is likely to buy and install an air conditioner. However, there are options to choose from depending on the floor area that needs cooling, the budget, and the kind of place.

In recent years, split type air conditioners have caught the attention of modern homeowners. Just like the window type air conditioning unit, split type air conditioners are easy to install. Aside from easy installation, having a split-type air conditioner offers other advantages.

  1. Quiet – A split type air conditioner has two units—the indoor and outdoor unit, which is the compressor. With window type air conditioner, the unit is located inside the house, hence, buzzing can be heard. With a split type air conditioner, the compressor is located outside the home therefore the absence of sound or noise, depending on how one hears it.
  2. Cost Effective – Unlike central air conditioning system, a split type system does not require any ductwork so installation is not so expensive.
  3. Attractive – Modern designs of split type air conditioners are sleek and can blend beautifully with contemporary house designs.

And now that you’ve figured the advantages of using split type air conditioners, below are the top 10 brands of the best split type units in the Philippines.

1. Carrier 2.5HP Xpower Gold2 Inverter Split Type Aircon


Power Input: 1ph/220v/60hz
Cooling Capacity: 21,600kj/hr (4,320-24,120)
Power Consumption: 1,850 Watts (230-2,200)
EER: 11.7 kJ/W-hr
Indoor Unit Dimension: W=1050mm x H=320mm x D=250mm
Indoor Unit Weight: 14kg
Outdoor Unit Dimension: W=780mm x H=550mm x D=290mm
Outdoor Unit Weight: 35kg
Maximum Pipe Length: 20 meters
Maximum Elevation: 15 meters

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  • Auto Diagnosis
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Filter Reminder
  • eco Mode
  • Sleep Timer
  • Magic Coil
  • Anti-corrosion Coating
  • On/Off Timer
  • Pre-set Function
  • Auto Restart
  • Quiet Operation

2. Panasonic CS/U-S24SKQ 2.5HP Deluxe Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner


Product Type: Wall Mounted
Inverter Technology: No
Maximum Cooling Power: 6000W
Cooling capacity: 21,600 (4,030-25,560) kj/h
Voltage: 230 V or 7.4 A
Air Flow: 110m3/h
Gas Type: R410A
Height: 296 mm
Width: 1,070 mm
Depth: 24 mm


  • Nanoe-G with In-filter Deactivation
  • Blue Fin Condenser
  • Auto Comfort/Quite Mode
  • Intelligent Inverter Technology with ECONAVI
  • Soft Dry Operation Mode

3. LG HSN-18IPM 2.0HP Premium Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner


Cooling Capacity: 19,438 kj/h
Power Input: 1,400 Watts
EER: 13.39 kh/h.w
Power Supply: 1/220- 240/60
Indoor Unit: 1030x 35 x 255 mm
Outdoor Unit: 870 x 660 x 360 mm
Indoor Unit (Net Weight): 13 kg
Outdoor Unit (Net Weight): 42 kg


  • Mosquito Away Tech
  • Active Energy Control
  • 3M Multi Protection
  • Auto Clean
  • 4-Way Auto Swing
  • MF Condenser
  • One Touch Soft Air,
  • Deep Sleep Mode

4. Haier HSU09VHJ DB 1.0HP Inverter Wall Mounted Air Conditioner


Cooling Capacity: 9,270 kJ/h
EER: 13.1
Power Supply: 1/220-230/60
Indoor Unit (Net Weight): 9.5 kg
Outdoor Unit (Net Weight): 26.5 kg


  • Self-clean feature
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Environmental-Friendly Refrigerant

5. HITACHI RAS-19HT 2.0HP Inverter Split Type Aircon


Cooling Capacity: 2.0HP
EER Rating: 15.82-12.16
Height: 29.97 cm
Width: 107.95cm
Dimensions: 22.61 x 107.95 x 29.67 cm


  • Anti-Allergy Filter
  • Sleep mode Eco-Scan
  • Dehumidification Device
  • Auto-protection mode

6. Panasonic CS/U-S9RKQ 1.0HP Deluxe Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner


Cooling Power: 3200 Watt
Horse Power: 1HP
Air Flow: 576m3/h
Indoor Unit Noise Level: 23dB
Outdoor Unit Noise Level 47 dB

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  • 0HP Split Type Air Conditioner
  • Wall Mounted, Deluxe Inverter
  • Intelligent Inverter Technology with ECONAVI
  • iAutoX
  • New remote controller and Aerowings
  • Recommended cooling area: up to 18 sqm (residential application)
  • Manufacturer authorized installer required

7. Carrier Fp-53Csh012 1.5Hp Split Type Aircon


Nominal Size 1.50 HP
Cooling Capacity 11,500 kJ/Hr
Energy Efficiency Ratio 12.5 kJ/W-Hr
Power Consumption 920 W


  • Blue Fin Protection
  • Anti-Mildew
  • Bio-Filter
  • Silver ion

8. Daikin D-Smart FTKC35QVM 1.5HP Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner


Cooling capacity: 1.5 HP
Power Consumption: 960 W
EER: 12.45 kH/Wh
Dimensions: 283 x 770 x 223 mm


  • Comfort Airflow Mode
  • Inverter Powerful Operation
  • Auto Fan Speed

Self-Diagnosis with Digital Display

9. LG 2.5 HP Standard Inverter Split Type Aircon


Cooling Capacity: 22,683 Kj/h
Capacity Rate-(Min): 4,009 Kj/h
Capacity Rate-(Max): 25,109 Kj/h
Power Input-(Rated): 1,850 Watts
Power Input-(Min): 320 Watts
Power Input-(Max): 2,600 Watts
Energy Efficiency Ratio: 12.26 Kj/hW
Power Supply(Φ,V,Hz): 1/230/60
Compressor Type: Twin Rotary
Compressor Motor: BLDC
Condenser Type: Gold Fin
Refrigerant Type: R32
Noise Level
Indoor Unit (H/M/L/S-Low) (dB(A)±3): 47/41/37/32 dB(A)±3
Outdoor Unit (M) (dB(A)±3): 56dB(A)±3
Indoor Unit (W x H x D) mm: 998 x 345 x 210
Indoor Unit (Net Weight): 11.6 kg


  • Dual Inverter Compressor
  • Anti-Bacterial Air Filter
  • Active Energy Control

10. Samsung Ar-12Mvfhh 1.5Hp Standard Inverter


Capacity (Cooling, kJ/h) -12,090kJ/hW
Energy Efficiency EER (Cooling, kJ/hW) – 10.3kJ/hW
Power Source(F/V/Hz) – 1F / 230V / 60Hz
Power Consumption (Cooling, W) – 1200 W
Operating Current (Cooling, A) – 10.5


  • Fast Cooling
  • Energy Efficient
  • Auto clean function
  • Digital Inverter
  • Automatic Temperature Control

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