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Best Portable Air Conditioner Fans in the Philippines

Affordable, durable and energy efficient portable AC fan

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Portable Air Conditioner Fans


It’s hot, humid and your air conditioner broke. What do you do?

Do you buy another aircon right away? Or call an AC repair mechanic?

The normal reaction is to call a mechanic, send it for repair for a couple of days and wait. While waiting, you need an alternative temperature control cooling while your aircon is on the garage. This is where portable air conditioner fans comes in.

Portable air conditioner fans are also known as air cooler, evaporative fan, misting fan, water cooling fan, mini portable aircon, cool mist desk fan, and personal AC

Another reason for buying portable air conditioner fans is for supplemental cooling… you need to add extra cooling in places where there are hot spots. If you have a floor standing 3HP in your living room, the hot spot area would be the kitchen. This is where you can deploy your portable air conditioner fans.

In case of guests arrives at your home, your existing split-type air conditioning unit could not cope up with the desired cooling temperature. You can add an extra help from your portable air conditioner fans. Just plug it them and point to the hot spot areas during a party or guest visits.

There are many reasons why consumers buy several portable air conditioner fans.

In this article, we’ll try find out the different attributes that makes a portable air conditioner fan great.

Is it price? Perhaps performance? Or maybe durability?


How do you select the best portable air conditioner fans?

When searching for the best portable air conditioner fans, you need to look for the following features

Liters of Water – The more water that you can fill-in a tank, the longer it can perform its cooling function without refilling interruption.

Efficiency – You want the most efficient electricity consumption that doesn’t burn your wallet.

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Durability – Because it’s portable, you will move it around the house. Therefore you need a robust portable AC unit that can withstand wear and tear, abrasion, malfunction, depletion, etc…

Price – Value for money means you pay for a portable aircon with the best cooling performance at the most efficient electric consumption rate.


Here are the top 10 best portable air conditioner fans that you can purchase online today.


1. TOSOT Portable Air Cooler



Price: ₱7,495

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • 6 Liters Water Tank
  • LED Display Mode
  • Energy-efficient cooling with no compressor
  • Water level Indicator
  • Memory Function
  • Humidification Function
  • Power Off Protection upon Low Water

2. Iwata Aircool Z17 Air Cooler


Price: ₱3,295

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • 60 watts
  • 4 liters water tank capacity
  • 3 fan speed
  • Top water/ice pack chamber for fast cooling
  • With 2pcs. ice pack
  • With caster wheels

3. Symphony 31L HiCool i Air Cooler


Price: ₱7,999

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • Tank Capacity (Litres) : 31
  • Speed Settings : 3
  • Body : ABS

4. Camel air-conditioning fan cooler


Price: ₱3,919

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • Water Tank Capacity (Litres)
  • 3 Speed

5. Dowell ARC 10P Air Cooler


Price: ₱3,800

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • 3 liters water tank capacity
  • Direct Blow Drive with Honeycomb Filter
  • Speed Function & Swing Function
  • Water level Indicator
  • With Tank Drain Plug
  • Four set of wheelsside handle
  • 70 watts

6. Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler


Price: $179.00

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • TOWER FAN – This evaporative cooler and tower fan with remote control offers two types of cooling
  • FEATURES – With 3 fan speeds, wide-angle oscillation, and a timer, this air humidifier has it all
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Instead of freon and other chemicals, get climate control that uses clean evaporation
  • QUALITY – This portable air conditioner is made with quality materials, to keep you comfy all day
  • LUMA COMFORT – Quality products and excellent customer service: Luma Comfort is a name you can trust

7. Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler TC10PEU


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Price: $98.43

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • A low water alarm, easy-access water fill door plus a washable dust filter and Honeycomb Cooling media 
  • Highly energy efficient, with low power consumption
  • Set for evaporative cooling or a more gentle, fan-only breeze during warm days, and use as a humidifier
  • Included Components: Swamp Cooler, Remote Control, Manual, Warranty
  • Wattage: 145

8. COMFYHOME Evaporative Air Cooler & Tower Fan


Price: $194.99

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • 32″ tall
  • Enables water and ice to absorb heat spontanously
  • Remote control plus an easy-to-touch controls on the top
  • 3 wind, 3 speed, 15Hour timer
  • 40° Oscillation and Cooling mode in any way you want.
  • 1 Gallon large capacity water tank, 
  • Asthetic, Space-friendly & Bladeless

9. SHSTFD Portable Air Conditioner Fan



Price: $65.99

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • Multi-functional Air Cooler
  • Three Wind Speeds
  • 7.5-Hour Timer
  • Energy Saving & Healthy Air Circulator
  • Efficient Cooling
  • 8-liter large water tank

10. OVPPH Portable Air Conditioner Fan


Price: $62.99

Where to Buy

Specifications & Features:

  • Fast Cooling Down & Ultra-Quiet Speed
  • Portable air conditioner fan can cool, humidify and purify the air
  • 7 Color LED Mood Light
  • Evaporative air cooler has low energy consumption
  • 5.5-inch fan blades
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