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Why Elite Families in the Philippines Choose TOSOT U-Crown Split Type Aircon

These elite families deserve nothing but the best, and this TOSOT split-type aircon is nothing short of perfect.

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Split Type Aircon

Crazy Rich Asians, a 2018 film showcasing the luxe life (and love life) of crazy rich Asian people, particularly some Chinese families. Apparently, there is quite a handful of real-life “crazy rich” families in the Philippines as well. Despite its being a third-world country, one can never doubt the fact that it is home to dozens of known names in the society that are living the high life. Prominent names such as the Marcoses, Ayalas, Lopezes, Roxases, Tecsons, Tuasons, Yuchengcos, and Tans among others have graced the streets of Manila since the 1800s. They were definitely the ‘it’ crowd and the epitome of elegance and luxury spending. From traveling abroad monthly to spending an easy 10 million for a child’s birthday party, these Filipino elites sure know how to celebrate their financial success.



They need not boast of their hefty wealth since it is always evident in their myriad of extravagant properties, especially their homes, which are in fact taken care of by at least a dozen pack of househelps. Many of these homes were adorned with exquisite wood furniture (made exclusively by famous craftsmen) and a few fabulous classic paintings by the likes of Amorsolo and Hidalgo. Of course, these luxurious home décors fit perfectly in the traditional pre-Colonial mansions and have been well-thought-of even for the smallest trinkets that are made of either silver or gold. Some elite men even house cars as many as a hundred in their well-maintained garages. And not to mention how grand parties are in these posh “little” mansions. Anyone who’s anyone is definitely on the guest list!

TOSOT U-Crown Split Type Aircon Premium Features

As expected, a very chic home deserves an equally premium air-conditioning unit materialized by TOSOT in their U-Crown Split Type Air-Conditioner. This wall mounted aircon is a combination of elegance with a hint of modern and innovative technology, perfect for luxurious ancestral houses and modern homes. Here are a few other reasons why Philippine elite families choose TOSOT U-Crown Split Type Aircon.

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Unique Style and Design

While many other split type aircon in the Philippines have the average-looking designs, TOSOT U-Crown wall mounted aircon is a definite stand out. Its slim U-shape integrated IDU design complements an equally elegant building interior and acts more of an aesthetic than a cooling unit. Another plus in its design is the 18dBA low noise which is practically negligible in a mansion as big the elite families have. Thanks to this neat feature, this aircon can be installed in noise-sensitive areas such as the bedroom or library. Besides those mentioned features, TOSOT U-Crown Premium Series is also built with a wide air outlet with waterfall cooling, suitable for enjoying a relaxing lazy day during the summer.

R410A Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

Modern air-conditioning units have already adopted the use of eco-friendly refrigerants in their models, and TOSOT is among those who have taken the earth-friendly route in aircon manufacturing. TOSOT U-Crown Premium Series is not an exception in this route as it features a very eco-friendly refrigerant called R410A. Homeowners can now cool themselves all day long all while preserving the beloved environment with this low-impact wall mount aircon.

Powerful Performance

Fabricated with a full DC inverter that lengthens the life of the unit and lessens the total energy cost, TOSOT U-Crown Premium Series Air Conditioning unit is packed with powerful performance. Its two-stage compressor that operates from -30 to 54 degrees provides a more flexible option to the users. They can easily switch from freezing cold to burning hot in a matter of seconds, all with a push of a remote button. Its capacity outputs up to 18,000 BTU per hour and can cool large function rooms up to about 1000 square feet. It also features four different kinds of sleeping modes, adding to the user’s degree of freedom.

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Maximum Efficiency

Although elite families can obviously spend thousands of pesos for their electricity bills, a couple hundred pesos in savings can still do them good. With the aircon’s 1Hz Inverter technology that adds to the unit’s energy efficiency, even elite families can enjoy paying less for more. Its minimum input power is 15W to 0.2W standby power that will greatly save on energy consumption for the whole house. Pairing this with a full DC inverter and an eco-friendly refrigerant, higher machine efficiency is a definite guarantee.

To find out the best split type air conditioner for your condos, mansions or yachts, visit TOSOT showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website to get more information about the best split type premium aircon in the Philippines.

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