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LG Services Offer HVAC Custom Modules to Maintain Equipment Quality

Available to end-customers are various types of service offering modules, each module provides the service attributes of maintenance, parts, and energy management

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LG Electronics is focused on developing new innovations across its air solution, providing commercial electronic products that help businesses perform better. To support this, LG has developed the VRF System Maintenance service, offering to support businesses in maintaining equipment performance and preventing unnecessary operating expenses.

The LG team strives to provide services that meet customer needs and help provide continuous customer care. With improved reliability, standardized inspection and improvement guides LG’s service team can provide better service to meet and exceed expectations for customer satisfaction.

Available to end-customers are various types of service offering modules, each module provides the service attributes of maintenance, parts, and energy management with the goal to increase equipment life and efficiency for optimal equipment operation.

“LG is pleased to offer our valued customers with an intelligent team of service men and women to ensure equipment can run at its best, prolonging equipment life and maintaining quality. The service team is just one of the ways LG assists businesses beyond initial sales and continues to support product solutions,” said Mr. Jungtae Youm, General Manager Hi M Solutek.

Specialized Inspection Services for Customers

Regular inspection service by LG experts identify expected problems and issues beforehand. An expert performs an inspection that checks faults in components and performance abnormalities in a customer’s HVAC equipment. Catching these problems early prevents further damage to the unit and unnecessary operating expenses through replacement and repair, by early recognition of failures and abnormalities.

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Improve System Efficiency with Cleaning Options

It is critical to have VRF products be periodically cleaned by a specialist. Failure to perform systematic cleaning may harm cooling efficiency, air quality and health. LG’s eco-friendly cleaning solution performs excellently in response to contamination. The cleaning removes dust and keeps the indoor environment comfortable by cleaning the air-flow system which can be subject to pressure loss and optimal airflow because of lingering contaminants. Improve heating and cooling efficiencies and reduce energy consumption by removing pollutants from the filter and heat exchanger.

Supply Genuine Replacement Parts

Air-conditioning equipment can break down randomly due to changes in the operating environment and circumstances. When aging of parts progresses, failures increase. In case of repair due to sudden break down, it is difficult to respond to emergencies due to excessive costs. Experts provide replacement service with genuine parts when an unexpected breakdown occurs and when parts replacement is necessary after regular on-site or remote diagnosis. With LG, it is possible to select a service level that suits business needs, and operation cost within the budget according to the service contract.

Comprehensive Monitoring with BECON Cloud

With the BECON cloud, business operators can monitor and control their HVAC system anywhere at anytime. Comprehensive monitoring of data stored in the cloud server offers analysis results and ongoing reports which allow customers to keep up to date on the operational status of the HVAC equipment. If any problems arise, users can identify them remotely and correct them quickly to minimize downtime.

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Extended Warranty & Service Offering

Even if a product is past its warranty period, LG’s customers can purchase a proper “Extended Warranty” and receive repair services with a fixed cost. With LG there are two options, ‘parts only’ or ‘parts + labor’ and users can choose the extended warranty period.

LG provides an efficient maintenance package to suit any business. Basic packages include inspection, cleaning, and replacement service. Premium packages include inspection, cleaning, replacement, and BECON cloud service.

In addition to the above service offering package, customer-specific offerings are available in various module combinations according to customer needs. Customers can experience greater cost savings when purchasing package.

For any purchasing inquiries or technical support, please contact below:

Office #: +971-4-8051470

WhatsApp #: +971-58-1458300 / +971-58-1458296

Business owners can also visit online to learn more about the products, service offerings and register a query. To learn more about LG’s Service Offering Modules visit:

To make an inquiry, please visit:

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