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Midea Full DC Inverter V6 Series VRF Redefines Strong Performance

Redefining Strong Performance: Introducing The Midea V6 Series VRF

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Midea new generation Full DC Inverter V6 series VRF system applies the efficient and advanced technologies to provide the reliable HVAC solutions for diverse applications.

Larger Capacity and Less Footprint

Midea’s high-tech Full DC Inverter technology, now packs even more power and extended piping lengths and elevations into a brand-new fashionable and compact design, featuring the world’s largest capacity single module outdoor unit at 38HP and combination capacity at 128HP*. At the same time, V6 enjoys a 40% reduction in footprint compared with previous generation. (* needs customization)

High Efficiency

Thanks to EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) compressor, the cooling capacity can be increased by 10% at ambient temperature of 43C and heating capacity by 26% at ambient temperature of -15C.

With the integration of EMS (Energy Management System), V6 would be able to adjust evaporating temperature (in cooling) and condensing temperature (in heating) to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency automatically.

Plate heat exchanger as a secondary intercooler could help V6 to gain up to 18 C sub-cooling and improves more than 10% of energy efficiency.

High Reliability

Midea V6 is able to work within a wide operation range from -25C to 54 C , which provides constant comfort even in extreme condition. While outdoor units operate under full load at low temperature, all DC Inverter compressors are capable to increase absorption heat from outdoor ambient to boost up room heat comfort.

Duplex-U shape is applied in refrigerant PCB cooling system to ensure 54Ccooling operation.

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Specifically designed for ease of installation and maintenance in high-rise or larger area buildings, Midea V6 allows pipe length up to 200m between outdoor unit and furthest indoor unit, with a maximum height difference of up to 110m – the equivalent of around 30 floors. First branch joint to the furthest indoor unit can be up to 90m. And Level difference between indoor to indoor units is 30 m.

Intelligent Control System

Midea V6 has upgraded the control system in a smarter way. It can be perfectly connected with any intelligent building system by using the new IMM pro platform. The new IMM pro platform allows the control system connect with max. 2,048 indoor units, moreover, it can connect with also fire alarms, fans, water pumps, lighting and ammeters. This Internet-based management system supports flexible, complete control of a wide variety of applications.

The smart APP enables not only remote control via Midea cloud server, but also connect with outdoor units to aftersales management via GPRS network. It can collect the operation data, check the system status, analyze the equipment operation, locate the position, etc.

Mr. Doctor

Midea V6 makes system self-diagnosis much easier than the last generation. It enables one button commissioning function which could automatically test, self-diagnosis and display error codes. In the case of failure of outdoor unit, V6 could enable black box function which allows the system record the last 30 minutes’ operation data before failure. The outdoor unit of V6 is capable of detecting the refrigerant pressure and charging/recycling the refrigerant automatically as an option to save you more time.

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