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5 Reasons To Still Consider Window Type Air Conditioners

Before going to store, we recommend you to check on these reasons why you should still consider buying a window type air conditioners.

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Window Type Air Conditioners





Today, window type air conditioners are still among the best options out there even though contemporary houses preferred otherwise. Commonly, split type air conditioning unit is the new sexy. Not only because of the sleek and stylish design but split type units also cool a wider floor area.

However, window-type air conditioners never go out of fashion.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Low Cost

Purchasing a window type air conditioners are rather inexpensive and the monthly operational cost is also affordable compared to maintaining a centralized air conditioning system or even a split type unit. The overall cost will of course depend on the floor area, brand, features, and BTU (British Thermal Unit).

2. Energy Efficiency

Every air conditioner provides for an energy efficiency rating (EER) and it can easily be seen in the energy guide label. Without giving a sample computation to determine the energy saving, simply remember that the higher the EER, the higher the energy savings is. Thus, window type air conditioners assure how they have high EER

3. Easy Installation

The process is pretty much straightforward. With the detailed instruction on how to properly install a window-type air conditioner, there is no need for a professional HVAC to come over and do the installation himself.


4. Doesn’t Eat Floor Space

It wouldn’t be called a window type air conditioner if it weren’t designed to fit into a window. This is a perfect choice if your house has limited space. Its convenience not to eat floor space in your house will be able to place other appliances and fixtures needed in the house.

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5. Supplemental Cooling

If only a room needs some cooling, it would not be necessary to turn on the central air conditioner. This does not only cut the electricity cost but it also allows your central air conditioner to extend its life.


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