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This Rechargeable Stand Fan is a Cost-Effective Cooling Solution in the Philippines

Avoid turning into a hothead this summer with this rechargeable stand fan that will surely cool your nerves while minimizing energy cost at the same time.

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This rechargeable stand fan is a winner



About a third of the total energy consumed by the average home is solely dedicated to air conditioning. In fact, Filipinos are addicted to aircon, using them even during the cold months of the year. And while this surely brings more comfort to the occupants especially during the merciless heat wave of the long summer days, it can also wreak havoc on their monthly electricity bills. It is a no-brainer how the regular use of aircon is already consuming a large portion of your bill. What more for an aircon open 24/7 during the hot days?

But have you asked yourselves this: does it need to be that expensive to feel comfy at home this summer season? Here are a few other reasons why switching to TOSOT Rechargeable Stand Fan will be the greatest decision you will ever make this summer.

It Lessens Your Monthly Bills

While one fan may not be enough to suit your cooling needs when the temperature starts spiking up, did you know that you can buy around five to six floor fans for the price of a single window type air conditioning unit? Of course, this may only be an approximate as the actual prices can vary, but having six well-placed fans in a room can actually provide the same comfort an aircon can bring, and for a much lesser cost!

A regular electric fan in the Philippines has an estimated cost per hour of about Php0.50 to Php0.70 in contrast with the Php2.00 to Php7.00 of the typical aircon used in Filipino homes. Doing the math, six stand fans with an estimated cost per hour of Php0.70 can only amount to a total of Php4.20, far lesser than the maximum estimated cost per hour for aircon. This approximate may still vary depending on the speed settings and wattage output of your fans, but the difference between the costs of fans and aircon is still significantly greater.

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It is Energy-efficient

As reported by the Saving Electricity website, the hourly consumption of a medium-sized window type aircon is about 900 watts while a floor fan only consumes nearly 100 watts per hour. The smallest aircon does consume less energy (with about 750 watts per hour) but is still a significant burden in the electricity nonetheless.

Newer fans, on the other hand, are manufactured for around 60 watts consumption only. Inverter type ones are less eaters at about 30 watts consumption. With this fact alone, fans are obviously the better choice in terms of energy efficiency, with it being more than 10 times energy-efficient than typical aircon in the market.

It Is Environment-friendly

If you’re an environmental steward, fans are, of course, the crowd favorite. While the modern-day aircon did evolve to exclude harmful and toxic refrigerants in their systems, they can still affect the environment just by simply running all day long. Since most of the electricity produced comes from carbon-rich coal, it is a great thing that fans are less electricity-eaters than aircon.

Why try TOSOT?

While the above benefits may already be enough to make you switch to the fan side, this TOSOT rechargeable fan offers you even more. Manufactured with high quality and powerful cooling performance, TOSOT rechargeable fans comes with high efficiency and energy saving capabilities perfect to cool Filipino homes this summer. It comes with a built-in Lithium battery with a five-hour capacity that is suitable for places with frequent power interruptions throughout the year. Its adjustable height and stepless speed adjustments give more freedom and flexibility to the users.

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Aside from its elegant stylish design, the stand fan is manufactured with a double mesh safety grill, a 360 waterproof protection, and the all-new generation ultra-slim fan head, making it both safe and attractive at the same time. Users will also love the handy infrared remote control that comes with the unit, together with its other features such as silent operation, soft and gentle wind blow, eight-hour timer, and its DC inverter motor that is known to consume even lesser electricity than AC motors.

Surely, we can never let go of air-conditioning units in our homes. But with the savings and benefits that come with TOSOT Rechargeable Stand Fan is undoubtedly your best bet for a cheaper yet equally refreshing solution to beat this summer’s heat.

To find out the best rechargeable stand fan for your home, office or party event venue, visit TOSOT showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website (click here) to get more information about the best stand fan in the Philippines.

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