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The Benefits of Installing Smoke Ventilators

MAICO GULF,  a group  company of Maico GmbH  dedicated to air distribution systems, produces a range of diverse smoke ventilators that meets the latest industry codes and standards. 

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Excess smoke is one of the many factors which can cause death during a fire. Smoke can suffocate trapped victims or block access to areas for firefighters to reach.  A well  designed  should be able to maintain adequate smoke free escape conditions at low level to allow the building to be evacuated with minimum risk of smoke inhalation, injury or death.

MAICO GULF,  a group  company of Maico GmbH  dedicated to air distribution systems, produces a range of diverse smoke ventilators that meets the latest industry codes and standards.  Here is a breakdown of this revolutionary product to give us a better view why it is the product of choice for all building owners and specifiers.

What’s in the box?

On the surface, the is a natural, louvered ventilator.  The vent is made from tough corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy in accordance with EN 573-3. The polycarbonate and glass version allow entry of natural daylight. The ventilator is aerodynamically efficient and manufactured to withstand the extreme temperature and weather conditions in the region.  Dynavent smoke vents are third-party tested to confirm to EN 12101-2 : 2003 standards.

Buildings installed with the Dynavent Smoke Ventilators can expect their escape and access routes smoke-free should a fire ever occur within its premises .  This enables evacuation of even more people. Having the vent also enables the creation of a smoke-free floor that firefighters can easily gain access to navigate the whole building.

The lives of the people inside are not the only ones being safeguarded when Dynavent is installed. Raw materials and goods inside factories and warehouses can also be saved during a fire to reduce financial losses.

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Dynavent’s features

Dynavent not only best fits its key characteristic of allowing a free escape of  smoke during fires, it comes with an array of other essential features.

Customers need not worry about the product’s quality and performance since Dynavent is extensively tested and certified in accordance with EN 12101-2:2003 in accredited and  approved test laboratories.

Annexure G of such testing procedure requires that the ventilator opens fully with no closure that can reduce its throat area by more than 10% when subjected to a temperature  of 300°C for 30 minutes.

In terms of outdoor durability, This is further certified by its classification to Re1000 as per Annexure C of EN12101-2:2003. In terms of windload, the product is  classified under WL1500 as per Annexure F of the  tetsing procedure.

Lastly, customers also need not worry about installation and after-sales support. Maico Gulf  provides in-house trained engineers that can aid them through all aspects of the installation process, from pre-order design services to post checkups of the product.

Installing the Dynavent

The Dynavent Smoke Ventilator can be installed easily on any flat roof or glazed construction. It can be placed at any angle, and its bases are suited to either glazing or any site opening. Thus, it is applicable for a wide variety of industrial and commercial establishments. Aside from those already mentioned, the vent can be used in warehouses, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

Fires can cost lives and  severe loss to property. But with the Dynavent Smoke Ventilator and its wide ensemble of features, we can reduce  casualties by venting smoke during its occurrence.

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Look no further for a fire preventive measure in venting smoke other than this one-of-a-kind product made exclusively by Maico Gulf and marketed by Hira Industries.

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