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Top 10 Cheapest Aircon 1HP Window Type in the Philippines

Lowest price on 1 HP window type air conditioner, both inverter and non-inverter that you can purchase today

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Cheapest Aircon in the Philippines



If you are looking for the cheapest aircon available in the Philippine market, then read on. Here are the top 10 lowest price air conditioners that you can purchase online today.

We’ve compared the prices between online stores, warehouse outlet malls and shopping malls… the results is quite astonishing.

  • Shopping malls are 30% more expensive compared to an online store like Lazada, Amazon or Shopee.
  • While warehouse outlet mall is 15% more expensive than an online store.
  • Online platform are the cheapest market place that you can purchase today. Online retailers like Lazada, Amazon or Shopee are great options.

All air conditioners on this list have the following specifications

  • 1 HP
  • Window type
  • Recommended Floor Area: 12 sqm to 18 sqm

Here are the top 10 latest cheapest aircon (window type, non-inverter) that you can purchase online.

1. Matrix Aircon Mx-KC1100 

Where to Buy

Price: ₱10,599


Specifications & Features:

  • Power Supply: 220,230,1
  • Cooling Capacity: 9,500 Btu/h
  • Cooling Input: 940w
  • Cooling Current: 4.1A
  • EER: 10.1Btu/h
  • Unit Dimension: 495x483x373mm
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Compressor Type: Rotary Type


2. Panasonic Aircon CW-N920JPH


Where to Buy

Price: ₱17,500


Specifications & Features:

  • 4 Way Air Deflection System
  • Slide out chassis
  • Automatic condensate removal
  • Removable, washable intake grille
  • Easy to clean air filter
  • Cooling Capacity:9,500kJ/h
  • Power Supply: 220v
  • Power: 900w
  • Net Weight:26kg
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3. Panasonic Aircon CW-SC105VPH


Where to Buy

Price: ₱18,400


Specifications & Features:

  • EER: As high as 11.7kJ/Wh4 Way Air Deflection System
  • Slide out chassis
  • Automatic condensate removal
  • Removable, washable intake grilleEasy to clean air filter
  • Cooling Capacity:11,000kJ/h
  • Power Supply: 220v
  • Power: 940w
  • Net Weight:34kg


4. Panasonic Aircon CW-MC95JPH


Where to Buy

Price: ₱18,499


Specifications & Features:

  • EER: As high as 10.6kJ/Wh
  • 12 Hr Mechanical Off timer
  • Cooling Capacity: 9,500kJ/h
  • Elegant Design with new intake grille
  • Cooling Capacity: 9,500kJ/h
  • EER: 10.6
  • Net Weight 26kg


5. Matrix Aircon Mx-INV1100 Inverter 


Where to Buy

Price: ₱19,599


Specifications & Features:

  • Power Supply: 220-230,60,1
  • Cooling Capacity: 9,000 Btu/h
  • Cooling Input: 733w
  • Cooling Current: 4.15A
  • EER: 13.0
  • Rated Input Consumption: 1450w
  • Rated Current: 5.83A
  • Net/Gross Weight: 42/46.1


6. Panasonic Aircon CW-XC95JPH


Where to Buy

Price: ₱21,299


Specifications & Features:

  • 4- way air deflection system
  • Ventilation Control
  • Slide out chasis
  • Automatic Condensate Removal
  • Powerful Mode Operation
  • Easy to clean air filter
  • Fan Speeds
  • Cooling Capacity 9,500Kj/H
  • 12 Hours On-Off Timer


7. Carrier Aircon WCARH010EC


Where to Buy

Price: ₱21,850


Specifications & Features:

  • When the room temperature reaches desired level, the unit turns off.
  • Enables the unit to automatically adjust to optimal temperatures by increasing cooling per hour for the first two hours.
  • Cooling Capacity: 9,000 Btu/h
  • Power Consumption: 930w
  • Cooling Capacity 10Kj/w-H
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8. TOSOT Aircon TJC09VRZ Inverter


Where to Buy

Price: ₱22,799


Specifications & Features:

  • 4-way aircon flow system
  • Slide-Out chassis
  • Remote control
  • Cooling Capacity 9000 Btu/hr
  • 230V/60Hz/1Ph
  • Power Input 810W
  • EER 11.88 kj/w-h
  • Net weight 43kg Gross Weight 43kg


9. Hitachi Aircon RA-10HSV Inverter


Where to Buy

Price: ₱25,699 – ₱29,500


Specifications & Features:

  • Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant
  • Aion Filter
  • Remote Controller
  • Cooling Capacity 10,100 kJ/h
  • EER 11.9 kJ/Hr
  • Running Current 4.1A
  • Power Input 230v/1Ph/60Hz
  • Power Consumption 849Watts


10. Gree Aircon U-J09-6DR Inverter


Where to Buy

Price: ₱26,100

  • High EER: 12.29 – 16.38
  • Inteligent defrosting
  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving function
  • Memory function
  • Fresh air supply ventilation
  • Vertical swing
  • Easier maintenability


If you’re a price sensitive consumer and want the cheapest aircon in the Philippines, online shopping is your best option.

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