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Top 5 Electric Fireplace Inserts that Gives the Feeling of a Traditional Fireplace

These electric fireplace inserts that give the feeling of a traditional fireplace

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Electric Fireplace

For so many years, you have dreamt of putting in a fireplace, in all its glory in your living room, and watching the flames actively burn as it provides much needed warmth in your house. But that’s where it all ends…in your dreams.

Here’s why: the mere thought of cleaning up this classic fireplace gives you palpitations.

But not anymore. Especially after reading this post on where to find exceptional electric fireplace inserts that give the feeling of a traditional fireplace.

And even better, you’ll never have to worry about soiling the environment or harming your lungs because of these super-cool fireplace inserts.

SKY1826 Embedded Fireplace Electric Insert

This fireplace insert is made from a brand identified as one with panache in the market: the Best Choice brand.

This fireplace insert is intense, and innovativeness is on another level; allowing you to feel as though what you have is a traditional fireplace. Bet believe that you’ll experience the heat and beautiful flames of a traditional fireplace without having to clean up the mess or handle an outrageous cost. Also, seeing as you wouldn’t be needing a vent, you can as well close up the chimney and save on heating costs.  

It’s also pretty cool that you can switch this fireplace on or off from a distance, with the aid of a remote control.  

Another additional advantage is how you can adjust the intensity of the flames- still with your remote control, through five different settings; and before you know it, you are enjoying the beautiful flames without even realizing they’re artificial. How cool is that?

Golden Vantage 23″ Adjustable Freestanding Tempered Glass Made Electric Stove Fireplace Heater

When looking for electric fireplace  inserts, one key feature to look out for, is obviously authenticity. The authentic-looking electric fireplace you get from Golden Vantage actually fits into your already existing mantle, giving off this beautiful glow that keeps you staring at the flames for long periods.

You could decide to either make use of it as an insert or a freestanding fireplace (if you don’t  already have a mantle).

Look, even if its summer and you don’t  need any extra heat, wouldn’t it be amazing to glare at the mesmerizing light show made out of realistic burning embers, with the heat turned off? You can also choose your heat settings- at either 750W or 1500W. It of course, comes with a remote, and has a one year warranty.

Classic Flame 23″ Infrared Electric Insert

This is the perfect choice of insert for someone who already has a 23” mantle.

This is the perfect choice of insert for someone who already has a 23” mantle.

All you need to do is to look out for best electric inserts sold online into your mantle, and allow the artificial flames give you warmth and beauty at the same time. The logs certainly look like real embers, changing your view on how amazing fireplace inserts (electric) can be.

AKDY 23″ Electric Firebox Fireplace Insert

In search of a really cute firebox that can be inserted into your traditional fireplace mantle and convert it into something super-efficient and easy to use all at once?

This is the dream firebox; converting your desires into reality and giving you the chance to form cozy memories by the fireplace.

It will certainly remind you of a traditional fireplace with its beautifully designed features, and powerful display; all in one device.

28″ Infrared Insert

If you were disappointed about our fourth choice because your mantle is 28”,  this is your chance to smile! This fireplace insert will turn that mantle of yours which was just for show because of how much you dread taking care of a traditional fireplace, into the cynosure of all eyes.

 With the Spectra-fire flame technology that brings the embers to life, you will be mesmerized; it’s a promise.

Wrapping Up

Who’s to say that you can’t have the fireplace of your dreams because you’re a bit averse to the smoke and cleaning that comes as baggage with traditional fireplaces? You don’t have to worry about that anymore, because with these fireplace inserts, you’re home and dry.

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