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How Industrial Companies Can Sell their Products Online

Marketing tips for engineering, industrial, energy, tech and construction material companies during COVID-19

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Industrial Companies


How can engineering, tech and industrial companies sell when the world is on health crisis?

At GineersNow, we understand that COVID-19 disruptions and frequent government changes make normal communication more difficult. We want to help your business stay connected with your communities and customers.

Whether you are engage in energy, HVAC, utilities, hardware, engineering, technology or industrial companies, these difficult times could be an opportunity for you.

We’re sharing some creative ways for companies, especially to construction, hardware, tech, HVAC, energy and industrial companies to be purposeful during this time by authentically engaging with your community, keeping open lines of communication with your customers and bringing your business online.

Finding the resources for all this communication can be difficult, especially when you’re managing other parts of your business. Check out our downloadable templates to help get you started with customer communications.

Here are several marketing tips from GineersNow Marketing Department

Encourage customers to shop online


Include links to your website or to specific items that you are selling.

Engineering, tech and industrial companies should have a library of the products.

Placing an Order Online

1. Let customers know how they can contact you to place orders

Provide your contact information and include details on when you are accepting orders. Share measures that you are taking to keep safe.



2. Maintain customer relationships

Stay connected to your customers even if you can’t be there in person. Answer customer’s questions that your business receives from Messenger and Instagram directly from your Facebook Page Inbox. Consider setting up automated responses to frequently asked questions such as business hours and how to place orders.

3. Here are four automated responses that you can use

  1. Hi! We’re ready to take your order! Call us or message us here.
  2. Hi, thanks for your message. Our retail shop is closed but we are still taking orders online! Send us a message or visit our website.
  3. Thank you for your message. We’ve made a move to online appointments while our office is closed. Please email us or leave a message to make a virtual appointment.
  4. We’re not currently taking new orders, but if you have questions on an existing order feel free to send us a message here.
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Take your events online

If you have to postpone or cancel an in-person event, try hosting a live on Facebook or Instagram instead.

Do you have second hand heavy equipment or used machinery? You can create an online auction and invite your potential clients to participate.

Live is a great way to broadcast real-time video on Facebook with just your camera on a desktop or mobile device. Think of it as a chance to take your customers behind the scenes.

Five ideas for going live

  • Host a Q&A
  • Go live with someone in your audience and interview them
  • Showcase and explain your products or services
  • Teach your audience how to do something
  • Create a live series

Tips for your live

  • Go live with Wi-Fi instead of mobile data for a smoother video.
  • For steadier shots, use a tripod or prop your phone up against a wall or a book.
  • Interact with your audience and respond to comments during your broadcast.
  • To get more viewers, post about your event in advance. You can create an event post on Facebook, or a story with the countdown sticker on Instagram.
  • When your live finishes, you can save or post the video to keep it.

Get your message out

GineersNow can help you reach your audience — whether you are currently open, closed, changing your business model, sharing items in stock, offering discounts or helping your community. Businesses are also using Instagram to reinforce their commitment to their community and show care and positivity during an uncertain time. You can share inspiring content in your caption to help people stay positive and inspired.

Communicate with customers with GineersNow

GineersNow is an easy way to communicate directly with engineering, industrial and tech customers, respond to questions and provide support. We can write literature about your products, services or employees that are relevant to your audience. We then amplify throughout our social media and online partners. With over 1 million followers, we can bring the message to your target market.

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Take your business online using GineersNow

At a time when it’s best to create space apart, GineersNow social media team can teach your marketing department to connect together with your audience online. Bring your events online or host a Q&A with Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Twitter Periscope. If your store is closed, you can still showcase your products or service in a Live session as well — think of it as a chance to take your customers behind-the-scenes. To get as many viewers for your Social Media Live as possible, tease it on Feed and Stories before you go live, and post your Live Video to Stories when you’re done so it shows up for 24 hours.

What GineersNow can do to help industrial, engineering and tech companies during quarantine? Well a lot!

  1. GineersNow can manage your social media
    1. Create content, articles and stories that your audience will love
    2. Create video, literature and images that’s worth sharing
  2. GineersNow can share your story to millions of audience
    1. Share your content to Google News, Apple News, Flipboard, magazine stands like ISSUU & Yumpu
    2. Share your content to our 1 million plus social media followers
  3. GineersNow can send out e-newsletter to over 350,000 subscribers… we can also send to your own list of clients.

Did you know that GineersNow audience are belonging to the engineering, energy, HVAC, hardware distribution, building materials, technology and industrial companies. 30% are CEOs and Chairman, while 40% are directors and VP levels.

GineersNow is basically an extension of your marketing… and we can also be your marketing department.

Contact Ms. Ems to know more about of marketing services
Asia +63 921 7105796
International +971 50 4289684



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