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This Japan Street Reopens A Week After Massive Sinkhole Appeared

A quick recovery thanks to the dedicated workers in Japan!

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Japan certainly has a way of reminding other countries that they give quality service to its citizens and they work fast – which bring shame to other nations (to be honest).

When Japan was hit with a strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake last Tuesday (November 8), a gigantic sinkhole appeared in one of the streets of a busy business district in the southwestern city of Fukuoka. The sinkhole was around 30 meters wide and 15 meters deep. Officials believe that a subway construction was one of the main reasons it occurred. It ended up damaging a five-lane street.

While other countries take months to fix a sinkhole like this, Japanese workers only took a week to get the damaged street fixed. Huge amounts of wet cement and sand were dumped in the sinkhole to fill the gap. Workers also quickly fixed the electricity, water and gas lines that were affected by it as well.

Source: Jiji Press/AFP via ABS-CBN

People all over the internet were amazed with the street’s re-opening a week after (November 15) at five am. Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima said, “We’re very sorry for causing great trouble.”

Nobody was reported to have been injured in the accident last.

Wow! Amazing what Japanese workers can do in a week. Now if only other countries can follow their footsteps. 

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