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Kingston Reveals World’s Largest Capacity Flash Drive

It comes in 1TB and 2TB!

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In this digital world of unlimited MP3 downloads, movie downloads (we know you’re one of them–wink), and countless selfies, a little more space in our flash drives would be extra useful. Currently, the most common capacity of flash drives are at the gigabyte level. A few years back, this capacity was more than enough to cater our downloads. Also, we had external hard drives which we could save our “heavier” downloads. But wouldn’t it be more convenient if our flash drives could have the capacity of external hard drives? Well, Kingston just made that happen.

Source: Businesswire

Kingston Digital just revealed that they have created the world’s highest capacity USB flash drive. It comes in both 1 Terabyte and 2 Terabyte variants. They may be bigger than someone may usually need, but who doesn’t need a bit more extra capacity?

This flash drive is named the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT). It’s a bit bulkier than usual flash drives, but smaller than Amazon’s new portable storage device that holds 1TB.

2 TB may be small compared to other SSD’s that could hold up to 16 TB capacity, but for a flash drive, that’s awesome. That’s a whole lot of MP3’s, videos, and photos that can be stored inside your flash drive and you can carry it in your coin purse, or pocket without any problem! According to Kingston in a press release, this flash drive can carry 70 hours of 4K video.

Can I just say, this is a must have for every engineer and engineering student! Aside from the movies and entertainment apps, imagine all the programs and engineering apps you could save in there.

Source: PCMag

The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT will start shipping in February, but there still isn’t any news on what the price would be. But we can expect that it will be a bit pricey. However, if more companies would create flash drives such as this, we can expect the prices to go down.

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