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Leading Renewable Energy Trends To Watch For Today

Venturing at renewable energy trends is a responsibility that all nations need to work into and it will surely be worth every investment.

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Different sectors particularly lawmakers should keep an eye to the latest renewable energy trends as it is economically promising, and provides a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. Turning green is no longer an option today but a responsibility that all nations need to work into.

Renewable energy leaders are tapped by world leaders to become part of the movement to lessen carbon emission as they are the major key player in turning the table away from costly and environmentally-degrading energy sources.


For renewable energy plants to deliver reliable and efficient power to communities, companies must invest in powerful energy storage systems that could potentially cut the consumption rates by providing a steady and dependable service. As companies target on becoming 100% renewable energy users, there is also a challenge on how to maintain this source of energy, and energy storage could be the perfect pair for it.

A remarkable innovation in the renewable sector commenced as Tesla installed the world’s largest lithium-ion battery called the Hornsdale Power Reserve in Australia, which has a 100MW/129MWh capacity. Before that, South Australia experienced a statewide blackout and the establishment of the said power reserve resulted in a stronger electricity grid which could power up to 30,000 homes.

It is expected that engineers will focus on research and studies to improve energy storage capacities. It might just be growing out of its infancy but it can reach its full potential if innovators will invest efforts in maximizing the capabilities of this technology which has also a declining cost.

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Accessible power supply is one of the goals companies are aiming to provide consumers and one way to accomplish that effectively is through smart micro-grids. The said grids could furnish the needs of the locals with sufficient energy which national grids cannot maintain. Decentralizing the power source could help in giving cost-efficient services to remote areas.

Distribution of energy should be at the center of energy revolution and companies should explore this option to secure that renewable energy resources are integrated. Moreover, this method could help reduce carbon emission and diversify renewable resource. Through the use of IoT (Internet of Things), this system hands the control to the consumers.

As United States experience the most blackouts, smart micro-grids could be the alternative power source when the national grid shuts down or becomes unstable.


Transportation is one of the major contributors to air pollution and converting it to green energy would potentially become a long-term solution to decrease the adverse effects of greenhouse gases. Electric cars are now being tagged “the future of transportation” and it will undeniably take place as renewable energy advocates push for cleaner alternatives which are immensely beneficial economically and environmentally.

Demands for EV are remarkable worldwide as the sales increase up to 59% higher than the previous year. In China, a law mandating people to buy vehicles with 10% new energy score, which will eventually hit 20% in 2025, was passed. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are dropping its prices while battery capacities increase. Many countries are now adapting the system of changing public utility vehicles (PUVs) that uses fuel as it is more reliable and cheaper.

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Though it would take time to alter the fuel-powered vehicles into renewable energy-powered ones, many companies are continuously making an effort to make these vehicles reach a high mile range after every charge. Different companies such as Nissan and Toyota are developing solid-state batteries (SSB) to manufacture products that could outwit the power of fuel cars.

With a promising future ahead in the global market, these renewable energy trends will surely be worth every investment while contributing to lessening the detrimental effects of non-renewable resources to the planet.

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