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Best Lighting System for EMT and Security Personnel

Security Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians Should Have a Pelican RALS Lighting System and Tactical Flashlight

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Security Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians Should Have a Pelican RALS Lighting System and Tactical Flashlight

Having the task of ensuring other’s safety is definitely not an easy job. Nope, we are not only referring to policemen and soldiers who are brave-hearted. Even security guards and first aid officers have courageous hearts too. It would take a lot of courage to put their lives at risk just to make sure that everyone around them is safe from any harm.

No doubt, you feel safe every time you see one standing beside the door of an establishment. The mere sight of security personnel makes you feel sheltered from any adverse situations. A uniformed officer can definitely give the feeling of safety. But is it enough for them to wear uniforms? Apparently not. They need to wear the complete gear so they are ready to face any unfortunate event that may occur.

Essential Security Personnel & EMT Gears

In order for them to perform their tasks well, they need to carry a lot of gears. This includes a communication device, first aid kit, flashlight and other gadgets.  These essential gears are important to protect themselves, the people around them, and the establishment they are guarding. Whatever time of the day they are on duty, they need to come in complete uniform and gadgets.

One of the things we mentioned above is a flashlight. Not only can a flashlight be used for the obvious purpose of shedding light in dark places, but it can also be used as a striking device for necessary situations or possibly even protection.

Flashlights are not only needed during the night. It is also a must-have during the day since there are instances that some extra light is needed like visiting dark rooms. Even though it can be used as a weapon in some instances, there is no need to get a permit to carry one. This makes it easier for personnel to choose what type of flashlight he wants to use during his duty.

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Remote Area Lighting System for Security Officers and First Aid Responders

Of course, it is important to use only the best flashlight that is durable and tough. That is why security personnel in the Philippines choose Pelican RALS and Pelican Tactical Flashlights since it can cater to their needs and it aids them to perform their tasks well.

There are different designs for a Pelican RALS. One common factor of their lights is their use of polycarbonate for the lens which makes it more durable. These can also be used for a long time since this lamp life is at 50000 hours! There is also no need to get spare batteries or charge it from time to time. With its long hours of battery life, it also means that security officers can perform their tasks without interruption, thus making them more efficient.

Pelican RALS can be used by emergency medical technicians and security personnel at airports and aviation, ports and maritime, hotels and hospitality, malls, tourist locations, and resorts, and many other locations. Unlike gas lamps or candles, RALS are considered professional lighting. With that, security guards look more trustworthy and proficient since they use high-quality gear.

Although security officers are mostly assigned to ensure the safety of a particular location, there are instances when they also need to respond to operations or even calamities. For situations like this, Pelican RALS will definitely be handy. It would be easier to spot dark areas where someone in need may be waiting for a rescue.

Top RALS and Tactical Flashlights for Security Personnel

Two of the top Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) that are perfect for risky jobs are the 9430 RALS and the 9460 RALS. The 9430 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) has multiple heads and Bluetooth activation. It can run for up to 15 hours and could light up an entire soccer field or an accident scene. You can just imagine how wide it can cover!

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Furthermore, two of the best Pelican flashlights are the 2350 Tactical Flashlight and 2360 Tactical Flashlight has 4 Selectable Programs with a lifetime guarantee. The 2360 Flashlight has 375 lumens while the 2350 Flashlight has 178 lumens. Constructed with the most durable of materials, an aerospace grade aluminum body and an impact resistant LED lamp module, the 2350 and 2360 LED keeps you on point without equipment failure.

On the other hand, 9460 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) features dual telescoping LED light heads. It is the perfect alternative to wasteful generator powered lights. It is engineered with Intelligent Control System which displays the RALS’ current battery life.  The user may choose their desired run time and regulate the intensity of the light. Its telescopic masts could extend up to 6 feet and rotate 260 degrees.


Due to the versatility of these Pelican RALS, it is not only perfect for security personnel. emergency medical technicians, police officers, politicians, facilities management, engineers and homeowners could also own one. But where can you buy these items? Pelican RALS are available at Coby’s Gear and Gadget and Cobankiat Hardware. These lighting systems can be delivered within the Philippines. Knowing how good these flashlights are will not make you doubt why security personnel are crazy about it.

Of course, getting the best portable lighting solutions does not complete a security personnel’s gear. Aside from getting a Pelican RALS and flashlights, it is also important to acquire other quality items to prepare them for unexpected scenarios and risky situations. Above all, a security guard should always keep their wits, preparedness, common sense, and good judgment, and the rest of the security duty gear will aid along the way.

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