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How Can An Anilox Roll Help Out Your Business

If you’re in the printing industry, then you more than likely need and anilox roll to help you get ideas and information onto the paper

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Anilox Roll Help Out Your Business


If you’re in the printing industry, then you more than likely need and anilox roll to help you get ideas and information onto the paper that you’re going to distribute to the masses.

If you’re not familiar with what an anilox roll is, then continue reading below!

What Is An Anilox Roll?

An anilox roll is utilized in the printing industry mainly. It is used to measure out a specific amount of ik. The roll will then apply the ink to a printing plate.

The roll is typically a cylinder that is made out of steel or aluminum. The exterior of the roll is then engraved with millions and millions of very small and fine dimples. These dimples are known as anilox cells. The anilox cells are used to hold the ink.

To get a print onto the paper, the anilox roll is covered in a very exact amount of ink and then the roll is raised and it is transferred over the printing plate. The anilox cells always vary in their size, number, and shape and they are used to determine how the anilox  roll delivers the ink to the printing plate.

Types Of Anilox Rolls

There are two main kinds of anilox rolls, and they vary mainly on the amount of detail that each roll is capable of delivering. The term “line screen” is used when referring to the number of cells that are engraved to the anilox.

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Continue reading to see if your business would be better suited for one over the other!

Low Line Screen

This kind of screen cannot provide as much precision with the product that you’re printing onto. Instead, this type of screen is only used when a very heavy letter of ink is needed. It typically gives the page a bold appearance and tends to be used with heavy block lettering.

Due to the lack of precision, there is usually only one color that is used with this kind of anilox roll.

High Line Screen

Unlike the low line screen, the high line screen can provide a very intricate amount of detail. This is because it has a lot more anilox cells present on the screen itself. With this screen, more specific details can be provided and more colors can be used (up to four usually).

If a photograph is going to be reproduced, this tends to be the kind of screen that is used because of the vivid detail that it can provide.

In most circumstances, the two screens will need to be used in conjunction for a final piece to look complete. Additionally, each color that needs to be applied to the page usually requires a completely new screen and the colors will have to be applied individually.

It is important that you have a skilled press operator running the screens at your printing press because they will save you time and money in the kinds of screens that are produced for your specific printing jobs.

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