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How RIDGID Ensures a Clean Underground Drainage System

RIDGID’s sectional machines will feel the raw power of their instant acting cable clutch that maximizes operator control

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It’s no surprise that, unlike other countries, the Philippines only has two seasons: the dry season, where the sun’s up longer than usual and people are scrambling in the heat like eggs on a pan, and the cold, wet, rainy season, when the skies turn to grey and storms pass above and leave the Philippines as fast as a wave that crashed ashore.

Currently, this archipelagic country is experiencing the latter season as we enter the fourth quarter of the year. Because of this, the drainage systems in our cities and other urbanizes locales have neared their peak in terms of usefulness and effectivity—the overflowing streets, coupled with the many bits and pieces of trash scattered across said streets, and even the various gunk people in homes, condos, and other buildings flush down their drains and loos (such as grease, hair, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, food, and plastic, among countless others) have contributed to clogged pipes, overflowing canals, and other related problems for our underground drainage. On average, unclogging a pipe or drain may take about twelve hours or more—that’s half the day, flushed down the same drain, just like that. To make matters worse, if the tenants of the building or household don’t change how they throw their waste products, the decongested pipe may be clogged again in a month or less.

Complications in sewage and drains like those are not uncommon for highly urbanized settings like Metro Manila, where each facility has its own intricate system of pipes that interconnect to the greater, municipality-wide system. It may sound complex, (especially when one factors in the fact that different structures have different pipe systems, from the most nuanced, somewhat unnoticeable facet, to an entirely, massively dissimilar network) but due to the ingenious efforts from the company called RIDGID, these difficulties have been made easier to solve.

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Specifically, RIDGID’s underground technology makes it possible to see, find, and solve clogs as if unclogging a bottle of wine. Without RIDGID’s tools, as stated above, it takes about twelve hours or more to clear the pathway for congested pipes, whereas RIDGID can de-clog pipes in minutes. Their FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines, SeeSnake® Cameras and the K-5208 Sectional Machine are just some of their weapons in the war against congested drainage systems beneath the cities of the Philippines.

Direction: Kindly take note that congested drainage is not only limited to happen in metropolitan areas, drainage facilities management is highly necessary in numerous establishments including hotels, factories and other related industries located in rural places.

Drain Decongestants

Firstly, their drain decongestants can unclog any pipe from its obstructions. From the tiniest residential clogs, to heavy-duty municipal lines, RIDGID builds drain cleaners that can answer the call with pride. Clogged sinks, tubs, shower drain, toilets, and everything in between, are no match for their FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines. A few of their tools to ward of clogs are the K-45 Sink Machine, Power Clear, Hand Spinners, and more!

SeeSnake® Cameras

Secondly, their SeeSnake® Cameras are instrumental in showing the materials and debris that are actually contributing to the pipes and drains’ clogged states. To see the reason why a pipe is clogged and the possible location the obstruction is taking place is a blessing RIDGID Machines can give its users, because how can you give a solution to an unknown problem? A big part of the hassle plumbers face when it comes to pipe maintenance is truly the fact that they’re usually kept in the dark. With their micro CA-300 Inspection Camera, their SeekTech Line Locators and more, plumbers and service-people can do a much finer job in terms of pipe maintenance.

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K-5208 Sectional Machine

Lastly, users of RIDGID’s sectional machines will feel the raw power of their instant acting cable clutch that maximizes operator control. Their newest K-5208 Sectional Machine is the most powerful and compact sectional drain cleaner on the market—able to dish out efficient in-field clutch serviceability to minimize down time when maintenance is needed. Its innovative fluid management feature provides a cleaner operation after using the machine.  

Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc. is the distributor to the Filipinos, and is here to stay and uphold their mission of making our urban settings more bearable and enjoyable. They have safeguarded the state of the metropolis’ underground systems such that life above ground may shine brighter than usual. So, if you’re a homeowner or contractor, you would want to get your hands on RIDGID’s underground machines as soon as possible!

Click here to visit CBK Hardware  and  click here to visit RIDGID Philippines for more details!

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