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Lincoln Electric as a Global Provider of Comprehensive Welding Solutions

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Lincoln Electric Welding Solutions


Spatter, porosity, deformation, cracks, these are but a handful of common welding problems those in the global welding industry face. These problems, coupled with budget constraints and preliterate tools and technology, require the industry to produce new and efficient innovations as soon as possible. Fortunately, Lincoln Electric has been steadily rising since its advent in the early days of the welding industry.

The company wears two distinct hats: both the hats of a leader and innovator in the design and production of arc welding equipment and consumables. Aiming to revolutionize and step into the future with better equipment, Lincoln Electric is truly envisioning less problematic work environments and decreased overall problems for the whole industry.

Much like the efficiency of their new products, Lincoln Electric’s partnership with Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is also coherent without a fault. Both engineering and gadgetry giants share a deep commitment to the distribution of world class industrial solutions that upgrade each and every Filipino’s living standard.

This principle acts as the foundation of both pioneering hardware companies. It is that same ideology that moved Lincoln Electric to allow Co Ban Kiat Hardware to acquire them, co-create, and cooperate with them for over a century. Together, they have been widening their horizons and penetrating the metal and welding business industries worldwide.

Thanks to the advanced products of Lincoln Electric and the centennial existence of Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. as an unsleeping distributor of their products, there are brighter days for the automotive and transportation, general and heavy fabrication, maintenance and repair, offshore construction, pipeline and pipe mill integration, power generation and process, different forms of energy generation (liquefied natural gas, nuclear, thermal, and wind), pressure vessel fabrication, ship building, and structural and construction industries. Truly, this partnership caters to a vast array of industries in a country that aims to continually transform the hardware arena with excellent service.

While it is certain that Lincoln Electric holds many advanced equipment in its arsenal, there are a handful of tools that can be called best of the best in the categories of plasma cutting equipment, submerged arc welding equipment, welding simulation, engine drives, commercial inverters, and welding consumables.

The Tomahawk 1500 is a top tier plasma cutter. With the ability to finely cut artwork and fabricate steel parts in a production setting, the Tomahawk 1500 is a simple albeit reliable machine that does not back away from difficult jobs. It is versatile, arming itself with a single-phase or 3-phase, 200 to 575-volt input power for cutting, gouging, and grid-cutting tasks anytime, anywhere.

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Those dealing with submerged arc welding equipment category are quick to choose the Power Wave AC/DC 1000 Subarc Welder to help them with their jobs. It delivers Waveform Control Technology to the SAW category. Users are able to choose constant current or voltage operation while adjusting any variable frequency and amplitude. Truly, this machine results in increased weld speeds, higher quality welds, and improved efficiencies either in single or multi-arc environs.

Those training to be master welders may practice with Lincoln Electric’s virtual trainer, the VRTEX 360+ Dual User Virtual Reality Welding Training Simulator. This virtual trainer adds a touch of fun to an otherwise serious and somewhat precarious task. Its top feature is its dual stands that allow two students to train simultaneously with differing processes, coupons, joints, and welding procedure specifications. These students may practice flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead 5G and 6G on mild and/or stainless steel, or aluminum. It promises its users an immersive experience with its hyper-realistic weld puddles, visually and audibly responsive features. Needless to say, this machine helps welders learn when to adjust welding techniques. Proper welding training can significantly reduce cost of repetitive mistakes and avoiding accidents in the work place.

The Dual Maverick 200/200X is perhaps one of the best engine driven welders that Lincoln Electric has to offer. With two welding outputs in one machine, this quiet welder can work efficiently and quickly. It also sports a new, fuel saving feature for resource conservation, allowing the user to do more tasks in an extended period of time. As an added bonus, When used with a CrossLinc compatible device, voltage or current can be controlled at the wire feeder and TVT automatically compensates for voltage drop in the system, ensuring welders the set voltage.

While there are more Lincoln Electric products that deserve every second under the limelight, one thing is for certain: they all aim to help workers in the welding and metallurgy industry to be at the very top of their game. Much like Lincoln Electric, their partner, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is also passionate and glad to distribute their products to facilities and organizations that may need them so long as they promise to build and create for the betterment of this society.

Where to Buy?

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is the largest authorized distributor of the best industrial hardware solution brands in the Philippines.

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To shop online, visit 


Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc.
Ground Floor, Cobankiat Building II
231 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila, Philippines.
Phone +632 8243-1931
Phone +632 8243-5263
Phone +632 8894-6561


Coby’s Designer Center
Unit 467 level 4 Shangri-La Plaza
Edsa Corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Phone +632 86364895


About CBK Hardware

For almost a hundred years, a family’s surname has become synonymous to the country’s biggest hardware supply company. Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated, of the Cobankiat family has a regular client network of more than 1,500 industrial organizations; 1,600 traditional community hardware stores, and 584 home building specialty chain of stores across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.   This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

While the Filipinos continue to rebuild their lives post war, CBK Hardware sees the opportunity to introduce the retail concept once unheard for in hardware industry. The Hardware Workshop Store is the fruit if this endeavor. CBK Hardware further cemented its legendary distribution channel with the creation of Coby’ Design Center in Edsa Shangi La in 1996, a specialty store that caters to discriminating taste of modern Filipinos.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, the 4th generation Cobankiat leader, set another milestone for the company when he brings a franchise of Ace Hardware USA to the Philippines, and signs up CBK Hardware as one of its major suppliers. This further expanded into delivering quality world class products nearer to families of Filipino overseas workers in the countryside.

A century’s excellence can quickly pass, and guided by the vision to be the largest network supplier of the biggest global brands in the hardware industry, CBK Hardware resolve to source the best products to supply its customers anytime and every time.


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