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Maintaining Industrial Machinery in 2020

Let's take a look at a few important milestones in machinery maintenance we have observed so far in 2020

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Industrial Machinery


Companies in the industrial sector need to keep their machines in proper working order. The cost of accidents and errors can be very hefty, so effective industrial machinery maintenance is always important.

As technology continues to evolve, businesses in the industrial sector use new tools and software that can help save time and money performing routine maintenance and repair activities.

Let’s take a look at a few important milestones in industrial machinery maintenance we have observed so far in 2020.

The rise of automation

AI has been changing the industrial landscape for years. No doubt it is still undergoing refinement as industries are looking to maximize AI-powered technology. Companies are already using AI for predictive maintenance, allowing manufacturers to reduce factory risks and maintenance costs.

With further refinement, AI will lead the way towards advanced forms of autonomous maintenance where operators can acquire greater technical understanding of critical equipment.

Big advantages with big data

As the world relies increasingly on big data, the industrial sector has no other option but to adapt. Big data, after all, has various applications, from monitoring supply chains to keeping accurate financial records. But recently, businesses are interested in its application in predictive maintenance.

Using predictive analytics, businesses can gather valuable data for improving quality control, preventing safety risks, and attaining peak performance. Data-driven maintenance needs further exploration, but businesses will need to consider using such technology in the near future.

The market for industrial machinery repair is growing

Organizations will have to consider getting suppliers for machine parts. Technological strides have made it possible for businesses to access a wide range of value-added services such as bronze and aluminum castings, to equipment rentals and full-service maintenance.

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Such services are readily available online by contractors and suppliers that can comply with your organization’s standards.

Maintenance software becomes crucial

When it comes down to maintenance, businesses can use various programs and tools for determining performance issues and conducting accurate preventive maintenance. Such tools are known as computerized maintenance management systems or CMMSs which can be tailor-fitted for any industry, from auto manufacturing to fleet maintenance.

They can be integrated with the Cloud and provide other features that can improve the efficiency of organizational assets. There are numerous CMMSs that businesses can fully utilize depending on their needs.

Virtual reality for maintenance training

Repair and maintenance teams should be ready for any issues that might come up along the way. Training plays an important role, but it should not come with safety and equipment risks. Virtual reality offers a more practical solution by creating simulations of maintenance tasks. Welders, for instance, can take part in VR exercises before they can perform real-world tasks.

Moreover, VR simulations can offer complex maintenance scenarios that can help technicians understand how to repair difficult mechanical problems. Like big data, VR is still considered an emerging technology, although it is likely to gain mainstream appeal in the near future.

Maintenance is hard work, but someone has to handle it — in a smart way. With these trends in mind, businesses won’t have much trouble maximizing productivity.

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