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3 Renewable Energy Trends To Watch Out In 2019

Numerous countries are now adopting green energy solutions

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Renewable energy or clean energy comes from resources nature can replace. Power made from clean natural resources doesn’t pollute the air or water. Numerous countries are now adopting green energy solutions and 2019 is looking to be a good year for renewable energy trends with these three salient points.

1. Planetary Gearbox

Innovations in planetary gearbox technology help numerous pieces of equipment to function with lower energy requirements. A planetary gearbox is a mechanical component with the input and output shafts aligned. This compact module promotes high power density as several gears share the load instead of one. You can find more information about the planetary gearbox by visiting this website.

Renewable energy providers are now looking at using planetary gearboxes to lessen the pressure experienced by particular machines. Planetary gearboxes are usable for wind turbines in improving energy performance. These components can streamline the power train to help in developing a machine’s reliability.

Planetary gearboxes help equally share torque load across all “planets” or gears in clean energy machines. These components help increase the life of the mechanism, thereby assisting in the reduction of costs in the long-term.

2. Energy Blockchain

The blockchain is an accessible technology meant for handling data in a decentralized database. It cuts the “middleman” in transactions to make direct settlements. This technology also records the amount of money transferred in a secure and trustworthy fashion. While it operates as a bank, it doesn’t have an owner.

The peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions made from blockchain encourages decentralization in the renewable energy sector as clean energy installations like rooftop solar panels are growing in demand in the modern market. With the proper calibration and setup of smart energy solutions, this technology can help ensure the real-time tracking of electricity while avoiding double counting.

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Renewable energy installers that begin to harness blockchain for good may play an essential role in hastening the transition between traditional and green energy solutions.


3. Energy Storage

Inexpensive grid-scale storage can properly compete with fossil fuels on costs and other factors. The use of green storage helps in securing the national grid from natural disasters and promotes an environment-friendly solution for energy independence.

Energy storage devices play a vital role in a sustainable energy system. Companies in the energy sector use storage solutions to keep free energy, such as solar or wind, when it’s not available. Firms can take advantage of clean storage to store green energy. These devices may include:

  • Magnetic energy storage
  • Capacitors
  • Flywheels
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydroelectric dams
  • River flows
  • Molten salt

Consumer-class energy storage devices are increasing in demand. For example, homes can now store energy from solar panels on their rooftops without the need for a third-party dealer.

Several countries are now adopting the use of renewable energies to supplement or convert their traditional energy sources. Energy providers continue to think of clean energy solutions to help the world recognize the negative impacts of climate change. Renewable energy may also help bring sustainable power to developing countries. Gaining universal access to energy is an essential element in addressing development challenges experienced by the global community.


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