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Top 10 Medical Wearables of Today

Counting down the best medical wearables of 2016

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Here are the top medical wearables of the year.

As the old saying goes “Health is Wealth”, and with all the pollution and unhealthy chemicals and toxins entering our bodies everyday, this old saying couldn’t be more true. In order for us to be able to perform our daily duties as students/ employees/ business owners/ tycoons, we all have to make sure our bodies are at optimum efficiency. After all, sickness doesn’t choose the poor or rich.

In connection to this, many research and technological institutions have made medical smart devices and have already introduced them in the market. These smart devices aim to collect and analyze your data more accurately.

Without any ranking and in no particular order, here are the Top 10 medical wearables for 2018:


Medical Wearable #10

Minimed pump with enlite sensor

Top medical wearables (Source: Medtronic)

This device acts as an artificial pancreas. This monitors your glucose levels and automatically dispenses the right amount of insulin just like a real pancreas.


Medical Wearable #9

Bodytel Glucotel System

Top medical wearables (Source: Bodytel Glucotel System)

This smart device helps people with chronic illnesses, aiding in home diagnostics. This measures blood glucose, blood pressure and includes a scale.


Medical Wearable #8

TMG-BMC-MC sensor

Top medical wearables (Source: TMG-BMC-MC sensor)

This device is designed to provide rehabilitation solutions for sports and medical applications.


Medical Wearable #7


Top medical wearables (Source: Quell)

This is a wearble gadget designed to reduce chronic pain, usually in the arm or claf area. It releases natural opiates to aid in pain relief.

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Medical Wearable #6

Wrist OX2

Top medical wearables (Source: Wrist OX2)

This device is a pulse oximeter, to help people with asthma and have a risk of congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Medical Wearable #5

The Valedo Back Therapy Kit

Top medical wearables (Source: Valedo)

This is a wearable medical kit, created for patients who have lower back pain/ back pain related complications. This kit helps the person do certain exercises, wherein on of the modules collects data. The data then can be analyzed by a doctor.


Medical Wearable #4

Helius, a Chip within a Pill

Top medical wearables (Source: Helius)

This is a digital Health Feedback System. You ingest a sensor pill that is wirelessly connected to a small patch which is worn on the body. This device can help the doctor know if the patient is taking the prescribed medicines and if the patient is responding to the treatment.


Medical Wearable #3

The ITBra

Top medical wearables (Source: ITBra)

This is a device especially designed for women. It’s a bra with built in sensors that monitor’s the patient’s breast health. It checks changes in blood flow and temperature. This can help detect growth of cancerous tumors.


Medical Wearable #2


Top medical wearables (Source: SCANADU Urine)

This is a urine testing kit. It Checks the level of chemicals in your urine sample. You take a pic, then the SCANADU app checks the urine color and in a few seconds, you get results.


Medical Wearable #1

Embrace Watch

Top medical wearables (Source: Embrace Watch)

This smart wearable device can help predict the onset of an epileptic seizure, and also measure your levels of stress. It can also send an alert to a family member via the empatica app. This device vibrates when you stress level is too high, giving you a chance to do something about it before the stress can do you harm

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