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Beautiful Minerals and Stones You Want For Your Collection

Here are some of the most beautiful minerals and stones that you should collect

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Beautiful Minerals and Stones


Contrary to popular belief, not everything you dig out of land is dirty and ugly. Some of the jewelry most powerful men and women wear came from the ground. Before it went through all the refining and polishing processes, miners, scientists and engineers had to use different processes to extract these minerals and gemstones from the deepest parts of Earth.

Back in college, we had to identify different types of minerals and stones in order for us to pass. What was once an assumption that these types of classes would be boring  turned into one of the best classes we’ve ever had. You see, most of us believed that these minerals and stones would only be boring to look at. We expected to see different shades of gray and black. When the professors started showing us the minerals and stones they’ve collected around the world, we were amazed at how beautiful they are. Some of my classmates even wanted to steal them given their value and beauty.

Now, we see more of them on the internet. As we surf the internet and search for beautiful minerals and stones, we see beautiful ones that really exist! Here are some of the most beautiful minerals and stones we found on the internet.


Azurite Source: Bored Panda


Bismuth Source: Bored Panda


Titanium Quartz Source: gemstagram


Opal Source: geology


Rose Quartz Geode Source: geology

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Opal Fossil Source: Bored Panda


Amethyst Geode Source: sivana spirit


Fluorite Source: Bored Panda


Tourmaline Source: Bored Panda


Scolecite Source: Bored Panda


Chrysocolla in Malachite Source: Bored Panda


Uvarovite Source: Blaze Press

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2 shares, 123 points
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