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How Mining Companies Give Back To Communities

What exactly do these companies offer in their CSR programs?

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Can Mining Companies Give Back!


Mining companies get a bad reputation for most people who do not understand the importance of what they are doing. For anti-mining activists, the extraction of minerals and metals from different lands lead to the destruction of the environment.

This is what some people would like to believe. Forget the importance of the metals and minerals extracted to supply society’s demands – mining is bad for the environment, mining is bad for us.That’s exactly what anti-mining organizations want us to believe.

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But through responsible mining and proper information dissemination, mining companies can shed some light on the benefits of the activity and how it’s not necessarily bad for the environment at all.

Another thing they do is to involve the communities where mining companies are located in their activities through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

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These are voluntary actions that will help benefit the communities involved. Whether it benefits the locals socially, economically or environmentally, mining companies would take the initiative to offer programs that could help people and have a better relationship with them.

As we all know, the future of a mining company depends on the relations between the company and the locals. If the locals don’t support a mining company, chances are there will be delays on future projects and problems in getting permits for an operation to push through. 

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So what exactly do these companies offer in their CSR programs? 

There are a lot of choices for different communities. The most common program involves development of different infrastructure.

Roads will be built to provide better transportation while hospitals and schools will become available for the community as well. Since mining companies are found in rural areas, electricity may also be prioritized for the community.

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Jobs are also given to the locals. Not only are the jobs available to provide people with income, some companies offer jobs that involve training to prepare these people for a sustainable living.

These programs may be beneficial to the community even if mining companies leave them after operation.

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Lastly, CSR programs may involve building social capital. To give back to communities, companies can provide free education for the children to go to school to.

They can provide families on different types of information including family planning, HIV prevention, proper hygiene and many more.

While some people still question the ulterior motives of mining companies in having the initiative to do these programs, we really can’t help but approve of these CSR programs. After all, they still get to help different communities improve their way of life.

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