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Is Mining Engineering For You?

Do you like being outside the walls of an air-conditioned building?

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Are you toying the idea of working in the mining engineering industry?

When choosing the course you’ll be taking in college, there’s a lot to consider before you finally settle with an answer for yourself. First, there’s your interest in a certain field. Then you have to consider the opportunities available once you graduate.

Wanna be a Mining Engineer? (Source: Newcastle Herald)

Mining engineering involves extracting different metals and minerals in the most efficient way possible. Given the concerns people have for the environment nowadays, mining engineers not only have to think of the efficiency, one must also consider finding the process which least affects the environment negatively. Lastly, mining engineering involves safety as well. So if you decide to be involved in mining, your role as a mining engineer involves finding the safest, most efficient and responsible mining methods for your company.

Wanna be a Mining Engineer? (Source: Komatsu)

However, before you worry about those things, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you like being outside the walls of an air-conditioned building?
  2. Do you excel (or even understand) different math and science lessons?
  3. Are you curious on how things work?
  4. Do you love solving problems?
  5. Are you interested in natural resources?
  6. Would you even consider working underground?
  7. Can you communicate well with other people?

Wanna be a Mining Engineer? (Source: Caterpillar Global Mining)

If you’ve thought long and hard and answered “Yes!” to all the questions mentioned above, then mining engineering may be for you! Mining engineering can be fun if your interest generally leans on math, sciences and outdoors. For more details about the course, you may want to ask the local mining engineers in your area or ask your guidance counselor to help you decide whether you should pursue this or not.

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Good luck!

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