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Amazon Aims To Recharge Electric Cars While Driving

Amazon filed a new patent that aims to build medium-sized drones that would recharge electric vehicles on the run.

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Electric Cars

When it comes to driverless delivery vehicles, drone deliveries, and automation, Amazon is one of the companies that shine along with other great companies such as Tesla and Google. Recently,  Amazon filed a new patent that aims to build medium-sized drones that would recharge electric vehicles on the run.

The new patent is called “Systems, devices, and methods delivering energy using an uncrewed autonomous vehicle”. This new patent that was awarded to Amazon involves a system which recharges electric vehicles that are on the move so as to extend the range of the EV due to the lack of recharge stations that are nearby.

The system will answer to a distress signal, wherein once the signal is received, the drown will fly from a “giant inner-city tower” where it keeps fully charged batteries and will bring it to the car, identify it, and then attach itself on top of the car, and supply it with enough power to reach the nearest recharge station.

Source: The Drive

According to the report, Amazon may have filed for this patent to prevent other companies from getting to the idea first, since there are not any signs of when the system will be built and deployed. The patent simply consists of a drone that is approaching a vehicle that needs charging, attaching itself onto the roof of the car, and supply it with the necessary power. However, the report says that a drone delivering power to a car on the move should not be too large or too small, this means that the supplied power will not be great. It could mean that these drones would only shortly extend the car’s range by a few miles to allow it to reach the closest recharge station.

It’s still a question when this technology will be out in the market, but with the fast paced advancements our technology is going through today, it could be very soon. It may be just a matter of time.

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