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This Startup Wants You to Skip Going to the Gas Station and Let Them Fill Your Tank

That is while you are in your office!

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The uses of mobile applications are almost limitless: from social media and networking, dating, streaming, to games. They all have something in common, which is to make communication easier and keep different types of media as accessible as possible.

But there are other apps which can be considered as odd or unexpected, because the services they offer are beyond the norm.

Just like Booster. The startup behind this app believes that it is necessary to have a platform where people in private communities could fill their gas tanks up without having ever to go to the gas station.

Photos by Booster

There are people who actually have a need for this because they do not have to suffer from the long lines at the gas station. Fortunately for the men behind this groundbreaking idea, filling up the cars have become such a hassle for many.

By teaming up with major employers, the company is able to send its gas trucks to office parking lots. It has secured partnerships with Cisco, Oracle, and Facebook to offer gas to its employees.

Booster does not gain any profit from the companies but through the employees directly. It’s only necessary for the company management to be informed about Booster gas trucks roaming around private space.

The company is also looking to work with universities with commuter campuses to offer its unique service.

Moreover, the busy employees are up for a great deal: the gas that their cars chug is way cheaper because it is exempt of real estate costs. According to Booster, the cost is often about ten cents less per gallon.

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Photo by Medium

CEO Frank Mycroft said that the app is “reinventing the concept and habit of getting gas for the 21st century.” He added that going to the gas station is the “least fun thing in the week.”

And many investors agree. The company has raised a $20 million Series B, led by Conversion Capital. This is participated by investors like Maveron, Madrona Venture Group, and RRE Ventures. So far, Booster has raised $32 million.

David Wu from Maveron said he invested because “the time-consuming, inconvenient trip to the gas station hasn’t changed in decades.” He added that Booster “provides a more consumer-friendly, safer and sustainable refueling experience.”

Source: Tech Crunch

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