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Pocket Air Conditioner That Can Be Clipped Onto Your Belt

You can now bring your air conditioner outside with you during those hot, sunny days

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Pocket Air Conditioner




It’s summer, the whether is a burning 34 degrees Celsius, and you regret leaving the comfort of your air conditioned home. It’s times like these where you wish you could just take off your air conditioner from the wall and bring it with you wherever you go. Well, now, it’s possible with this new Kickstarter Project!

The Kul-U Pocket is a Pocket Air Conditioner that can, well, fit in your pocket.

It can deliver up to 20,000 calories of cooling capacity whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Being rechargeable, it can last for 3-4 hours on max cooling settings and almost all day on lower settings. Oh, and  it doesn’t make any noise, so you can even activate it during meetings and such.

It also has a temperature adjustment feature, as even at lower settings, the unit will still cool you down too well, sometimes too much, allowing you to bypass the cooling unit and either increase or decrease the temperature when needed.


How does the Kul-U Pocket work? Well, it’s basically a combination of fan cooling, ice cooling, and evaporative cooling in one slim and small object.

As the company behind the project wrote on their kickstarter page, “Each of the three methods of cooling mentioned above will do some cooling and most of the personal cooling devices on the market today use one or two of these methods. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Our secret is, we use all three. This allows Kul-U to work even in the most humid of climates where evaporative cooling alone would fail.”


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You also don’t have to worry about your pocket getting wet; It doesn’t condense air on the exterior of the object, and all the condensate on the interior will be either absorbed the the cooling unit itself or get caught in the waterproof cap at the bottom.

The unit also comes with a bunch of easy-to-access controls on the top of the unit for easier manipulation even when it’s in your pocket.


It’s also quite sleek and lightweight, at only 7.3” by 2.95” by 1.1” in dimension, and weighing just a little over 250 grams. And as mentioned earlier, it’s very quiet, with an adjustable fan wind speed ranging from whisper quiet mode (>5db) up to max cool (28db), so you can cool down without everyone in the office staring at you.



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