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DMCI Homes Underwent Robotics Workshop

DMCI Homes advocates cite benefits of learning robotics among children

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DMCI Homes

Children in DMCI Homes’ Rhapsody Residences condominium community in Muntinlupa City recently underwent a robotics workshop to expose them to fun concepts that could someday help them in pursing their own professional careers.

Organized by TechKnights Robotics, the three-day training program held last July 6, 13, and 20, aimed to teach enrollees aged 8-14 years old practical application of theories and principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

James Ryan Duque, program creator and director of TechKnights Robotics said the course can help increase awareness and understanding among students of the potential and power of robotics in solving day-to-day challenges.

“At a young age, students should know trial and error. And they should have a positive background on how to problem solve. Will they quit if things are not working? Will they stop if things are not resolved?” Duque pointed out.

“Developing new ideas like making a robot to fix the bed for them can bring about a lot of collaborative skills, a lot of leadership skills that will allow them to innovate more and create more. So encouraging these young children to actually understand the concepts of robotics will trigger so many skills that they will share vitally in pursuing their profession,” he continued.

Rhapsody Residences unit owner and TechKnights Robotics founder and managing partner Kit Almeda for his part thanked DMCI Homes for providing a venue a good learning environment.

“It’s a privilege to be partnering with DMCI Homes. I think having DMCI Homes as a partner in helping us move forward robotics, is a validation of where the future is headed since DMCI Homes is a company which always looks at innovation, creativity and foresight. Those are the things that bring together DMCI Homes and TechKnight Robotics,” Almeda said.

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  1. I have been living in one of their property for 3 years and it is a bad quality. Flooring and ceiling cracks, pipes are always a problem. Terrible quality DMCI

    1. Hi, Ms. Perez,
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. May I ask you to PM or send us your unit details and contact information so that we can have our Technical Team assess your unit concerns? You may send it to or call us at 555-7700.
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

    1. Hi, Ms. Laguitan,
      May I ask from what community are you residing so that we will be able to report this to the security agency? And also should you observe similar incident , may I ask that you snap a photo . It would be a huge help in the investigation. You may send it to or through our social media pages.
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  2. DMCI abuso sa mga tao at walang hiya. Yung kapatid ko na hospital hindi man lang sinagot ng DMCI. Mga walang hiya ang mga boss dyan. Dapat ma Tulfo kayo

    1. Hi, Mr. Mariano,
      DMCI Homes employees has HMO to cover hospitalization and provide health benefits to employees who will encounter health concerns.
      May I ask for the name of your sibling and further details on the cause of the hospitalization so that we will be able to verify this matter. You may email it to or you may also call us at 555-7700.
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  3. I would like to invite you to come along with me to my next Arbitration Hearing at HLURB concerning one of the DMCI Homes projects I’ve purchased, date still TBD.

    I also invite you to come view with your own eyes the many fiascos I’ve encounter with DMCI Homes.

    PM me if you would like to take me up on the invites, (one or both).


    Re: Problems and complaints about DMCI Properties
    « Reply #72 on: Yesterday at 05:23 PM »
    As someone working in real estate (not into selling), here are some of my comments. (TLDR)

    DMCI Homes and Ayala Land are two of the most generous developers when it comes to open spaces. Ayala Land has a high price tag because of its brand, legacy, and established after-sales service – APMC for property management, which is WAAAAY older than DPMC (DMCI Homes’), and … I forgot the name of another Ayala Company which handles all the documentation (yes, it’s centralized). The younger DMCI Homes will surely have flaws in its after sales (customer care and property management) compared to established Ayala Land. DMCI Homes was established in 2000, while Ayala Land was established in 1840 (when it developed Forbes Park and the Ayala Masterplan). DMCI Homes pales in comparison in terms of expertise in after sales service. If you can’t afford Alveo and Ayala Land Premier, buy DMCI. Avida and Amaia can’t compete with DMCI Homes’s value for money in terms of amenities, design, and floor layouts. //Not generalizing, some Avida projects are nice, like Avida Turf in BGC. But a 1BR there costs 4-5M already.//

    Other competitors of DMCI which can give the same look & feel, are Rockwell Primaries and Filinvest. But, Rockwell Primaries is younger than DMCI Homes. However, all these can’t really beat the value for money of DMCI Homes since DMCI is a construction company which ventured into real estate development with in-house architectural, landscape, and interior designers & engineers. DMCI has their own company to supply them concrete, formworks, and other construction materials so they can really REALLY bring the cost down. Avida & Amaia can’t really compete on this, since they get MDC and MDC Build Plus who are sister-companies so they technically still “outsource” their construction & design which makes it more expensive to develop. Same with other developers who has no monopoly in construction equipment and supplies.

    Federal Land, Filinvest Land, Megaworld, SM, and Vista Land are mixed-used masterplanned developers like Ayala Land. So if you want to buy a property that has higher probability to increase in prices, you should buy from these masterplanners. DMCI Homes only develops HOMES, it has no near-future plans to masterplan a mixed-use community yet, so your units will not increase as fast as the other developers. Look at Acacia Estates, it’s a “subdivision” of condominiums, not really a master-planned mixed use like. A give-away for masterplanned communities are completion of roads & utilities of the whole development even before construction of buildings, which isn’t the case of Acacia Estates. DMCI Homes will try a mixed-use project in Fortis – 2 high rise building (but it’s not a township yet), but I doubt they will design something like how Ayala, Megaworld, SM, and Century develops their condos with retail spaces GF-3/4F and residential in upper floors anytime soon. Instead, they will assign one office/retail building and one residential building (still gated with nice amenities & separate from the office/retail building).

    Before you buy, check the company’s target market. They actually have a target market as a company. DMCI is for upper mid-income families, not really for investors. They may have projects that can accommodate investors (you can tell this by the number of 1BR units), because of location, but their strength is really for young families and young married couples who will LIVE on their bought properties and not rent it out. So, they control their prices (that’s why they are cheaper than others), manage the cost of monthly payments (that’s why they spread the DP unlike other developers), and design the amenities as such because they want new families to afford their product.

    Sellers do not usually explain developments this way.

  4. okay naman ang DMCI dun nagrerent cousin ko before she migrated, malinis place nila, safe and madaling mag report ng simpleng problem sa admin nila.

    1. Hi, Ms. Daen,
      Thank you for your kind words. May I ask from what community your cousin resides so that the Property Management Office(PMO) will be able to hear your feedback. Kind words such these provide more inspiration for us to continue to improve our services to our residents.
      Thank you

  5. I have happy tenants. though i have shares of problems which are eventually resolved. Nothing to the point of intolerance.

    1. Hi, Ms. May,
      Thank you for your kind words. May I ask from what community your tenants reside so that the Property Management Office(PMO) will be able to hear your feedback. Kind words such these provide more inspiration for us to continue to improve our services to our residents. Thank you

  6. Hindi ok…. masagwa ang DMCI. Dun nagrerent ang kapatid ko before she migrated sa Australia, Madumi ang hallway nila, hindi rin safe dahil tulog ang security at kung may problema mahirap kausap ang DMCI.

    1. Hi, Mr. Daen,
      I am sorry to hear about your TIta’s experience when she was still residing in one of our communities. In order for us to improve on our services,may I ask from what community did your Tita rent?
      You may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

    1. Hi, Ms. Luz,
      My most sincere apology on the incident that your Tita dealt with. In order for us to call the attention of the persons involved, may I ask for the complete name of your Tita, unit details and contact information.
      You may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  7. May bad record yan DMCI with legal case. Sold club membership shares but didn’t build it. Some were offered players rights nalang in another club.

    Ask around or do net search.

  8. Sa natingnan kong mid-priced condo, maganda ang workmanship ng DMCI. That’s the advantage of being the constructor and developer. Compared with other condos in same category, mas pulido ang gawa nila and you get more value for money. Hindi ko lang masyado nataypan ang design nila and most of their locations. Pero and mid-rise community enclaves nila are good.

  9. hi, i am planning to buy a condo in mandaluyong. id like to know which developer is better, dmci or smdc? im choosing between light residences nr boni mrt station and flair towers. which is better? thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Mr. Dongoya,
      Thank you for considering to purchase your future home with us. However, Flair Towers is already sold out. Should you want to look for other developments in the area, you may visit One of our Corporate Accounts Officers will be glad to assist you.
      Thank you
      Online Relations DMCI Homes

  10. i am a DMCI condo owner and here are my problems.

    1. structural flaws of the bldg. we have water leaks in bedrooms ceiling whenever there is heavy rains. 3 yrs na complains and nothing has been done. paid thru bank loan.

    2. we bought parking 12.5sqm. actual size is less than 9 sqm. more than 2 yrs na complain and nothing has been done. association dues and real estate tax still based on 12.5sqm. paid in house and more than 1 year na fully paid wala pa title 🙁

    3. i’ve been complaining sa PMO about unit on top of us na mga renters lang. yun 1 room on top nun room ng anak namin mga aso nila nakalagay. dahil walang water proofing pag umiihi o natatapon yun inumin naglealeak sa ceiling ng room ng baby namin. nothing has been done. tamad at wala malasakit ang PMO. garapal. pag may nag complain pagtalikod ng nagcocomplain kung ano ano sasabihin nila as if walang ibang tao dun na unit owners din na nakakarining. pang apat na atang batch ng PMO ito samin over the course of 3yrs. palit palit kasi kanya kanya raket sila.

    google DMCI complaints and you will find out na mas madami kalokohang ginagawa tao nila. why? in my opinion corruption ang culture in DMCI. everyone just wanted to make money. perhaps because DMCI is a long-time government contractor, thus, they are used to the culture of corruption.

    verdict for me: i felt i played russian roulette and lost. i wasted my 3M and years ng pinagtrabahuhan.

    so if this is the definition of best developer in the philippines i say we filipinos are doomed!

  11. with regards to SMDC they do have a better system rather than DMCI there are so much complaint with their documents, penalties that they impose to the clients and specially their payment terms and promos, we encountered this kind of problem, the agent said that there is a promo and grab that promo and reserved the unit in cash and they eventually accepted the reservation, half month have past and still we don’t have any payment term, then later on she said that the promo is non existent anymore, cause from what she said they have this meeting with the consunji that the promo is no longer applicable, we said hey from what we have agreed on you have this kind of promo and it will be approve but at the end it din’t so now we are on a floating status. what the heck we waited for how many days and our reservation will be forfeited!!

  12. I also purchased a condo unit in Hampstead Garden Sta.Mesa Manila, way back in 2001. until now i didn’t get my title . I’m not using the unit and cant sale it .
    i paid hundreds of thousand for the condo deuce and i lost a lot
    its been 3 years they promise and promise for nothing .
    they are lire . they don’t answer my call .

  13. DMCI do not answer any e-mails, do not answer phones, have an archaic accounting system, make mistakes on your account, the staff are all miserable and rude. Zero customer service, zero after sales service, good at marketing condos, once you buy they do not want to know you anymore. Someone needs to go in there and sort it out, it is a complete mess. No leadership, a bunch of disillusioned, underpaid staff. Ask for a statement of account or a receipt for the cash that you have paid them and you will be kept waiting for weeks on end, at the end of it you will be sent an out of date statement.

  14. I’m having the same problem with my Broker. He messed up my account. First, when I asked him last July if I can defer the payment of the closing fee in October, he said YES. Only to find out that it’s not actually possible. Second, he offered me two options to remediate the problem. He gave me assurance that DMCi will approve it. So I was counting on him. Only to find out (again) that he is not actually working on these options. The discussion is only between the two of us. So when I get the restructured payment last month, the amount has doubled already to what I’m suppose to pay. “Fortunately” I was able to ask help from another DMCI employee. She’s the one who sent me the restructured payment. I told her why I wasn’t able to pay the closing fee (I was misinformed) and she promised to help me by elevating the issue to the Customer Care. But the sad thing is until now I haven’t get any update from her. It’s a month ago already and the clock is ticking. I won’t be surprised, if the second time they send the restructured payment the amount has tripled already. I tried calling her and sending her SMS but no response. Now I’m looking into the option of seeking legal help. I just don’t know where.

    1. Hi, Ms. Verzosa,
      May I ask for your complete name and unit details so that I will be able to verify the status of your request for restructuring.
      As for the transactions with your agent, we have an Ethics Committee which will investigate if there was disservice done your agent which caused to double the amount which you need to settle. Hence, it will be helpful if you can send us a detailed transaction which transpired between you and your agent.
      You may email it to
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  15. I have been waiting for DMCI homes to waive the penalties that my account and my cousin’s account accumulated due to them not depositing the checks they’ve got on hand, this is 2 years ago. Until now they haven’t done anything about this – they emailed they’re going to process the waiving of penalties but nothing is happening. They wouldn’t accept new checks to cover the rest of the monthly payments so I have a massive bill for my monthly payment and penalties are now sky high! I am in great distress. Last time I followed up they told me the accounts person who was handling my account is no longer connected with them… What a no brainer excuse, the transaction is with DMCI not with their employees. Now I am suffering because of their inefficiency. Acquiring a condo with DMCI Homes is one of my biggest regret 🙁 Help!!!

  16. We purchased a DMCI condo years ago. Unfortunately, the structural flaws of the building causes water leaks in bedrooms of our unit and the rest of neighbors in our rows of our floor whenever there is heavy downpour of rains.

    1. Hi, Ms. Islao,
      I am sorry that you have this kind of experience with your home. In order for us to help you and rectify the problem, may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact number . You may email it to or call us at 555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268.
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relation

  17. i purchased a condo from a dmci agent ,in 2008,as i though she was trustworthly,and got a offical dmci document sent to me that she was,the new sales coordinator for dmci ,and for all quieries like payments,documents and,customer care advice to ,please contact her, well it was a bad day for me that i trust her as she kept a lot of my money,and passed me off with provisanol receipts ,it was just when i visit a dmci office in manila i saw my moneys was not paid in at all, because of her i built up arrears,with that comes interest and penalits,which is very severy high. so bad enough losing my money to dmci agent,and dmci has proof of her wrong doing , dmci are penalising me with interest and penalits,its so hard to get communation with them ,i fear now i will lose my condo,as i nearly paid twice of the first original price,just because their agent kept me in the dark of her dishonesty,i have requested my full statment but to now i have not received it, and i think their reason for not sending on your statments is to keep you in the dark as well,
    can any one tell me as a ,what can i do,as dmci seems to be a law to them selves, also i am thinking now if i can manage to pay for it,,will they give me my deeds for it at all ,its eems to be one big con,i really wish i never heard of dmci homes,as i have lost ten of thousands of pounds,i wouldnt be surprised if that the sales reps and dmci head office are working in co ,to catch their clients,and then their sales reps sink their clients into debt,by dishonesty,so the main office can impose these sever interest and penalits to claw back your property ,any advice please

    1. Hi, Ms. Bargas,
      I apologize for the experience you had with us. Integrity is one of our core values, hence we do not tolerate fraudulent transactions as a company. In order for us to investigate on this matter , may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact information. You may email it to You may also call us st 555-7700 , 0917-811-5258 or 0918-918-3456.
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  18. do condo unit owner has to pay condo HOA property tax besides from property tax yearly??? that’s a big issue for me can anyone pls answer

  19. I discovered that there was a water leak into the unit. 4 years later, the problem is still not resolved. I even left the key to the unit at the PMO for them to address the the issue. The trouble is that the building engineers and the PMO chiefs get replaced every so often that you have to explain the facts over and over again. The unit we bought is located on the Penthouse floor of the Celesta building. This is suppose to be an investment property but I could not rent it out due to the leaks. This year, I wanted it remodeled but the architect I hired advised me that it will just be a waste of my money. I have read that someone is open for a Class-Action Lawsuit. I am interested in joining. Please help me. My name is Jeff SC and email address is Thank you.

  20. okay naman sakin ang ameneties and everything about DMCI. You may not want to believe it but that’s the truth. Wala naman ako naging reklamo except for rude personnel I encountered last year. Nawalan lang ako ng time to report it hay. Sana ma-train ng wasto yung mga tao nila. yung tamang customer service.

  21. Once a project is turned over, expect no assistance from DMCI Homes on any damages that are found, even within the warranty period

  22. I barely barely have stayed 9days in the condo yet my monthly dues had gone up by 5,200 pesos from its last bill, and I am living on solo. Before I started occupying the place , the share in common area for electricity is already at 770pesos , water was at nearly 100. Total PMO bill with association dues prior to occupancy was P2.900.

    1. Hi, Ms. Belda,
      My apologies on the concern you have encountered pertaining to your billing.
      In order for us to reconcile the amount, may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact information. You may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  23. To those aspiring homeowners, who are currently working hard to pay their monthly amortization so they could move in to their units, beware! Have you checked your unit if you are still the legit owner? Someone else might have bought it without your knowledge.

    More than a year ago, I bought a 2BR unit in Royal Palm Residences in Taguig, after paying for the 10% downpayment, I was hoping to start paying up for the remaining 90% balance but only to find out, my unit was already cancelled and so it was suddenly available in their inventory so when another interested buyer saw my unit, most probably that buyer paid for it right away. I was never delinquent with any payments and besides, the contract to sell that DMCI issued is with me, proof that it is my unit, I paid for the reservation and everything and nobody have given them the authority to seel the unit. This is indeed true because a customer care officer have told me the real score when I went to their office in Bangkal. She have indeed told me there were mistakes or shall i call it irregularities on their part. I would personally blame another customer care officer named Joycelle Ligutom for what have happened. Everyone in the DMCI office are not professional enough when it comes to dealing with their customers. To make the story short, because they have admitted it was their mistake, they told me they will give me a full refund of my 10% downpayment including reservation fee of 20, ooophp. I could sue them for it but since i dont want to waste time and money doing so, I have agreed to their condition. My dilemma is, its been a month tooday since they promised me a full refund. They have initially told me it will be processed in one week. I cant imagine accepting their excuses every week. I am really considering filing a case against DMCI, kung tutuusin may habol ako. When I bought the unit, it was priced at 2.4M and just recently tumaas na siya to 2.9M. Sino kumita? di ba sila? I could have asked for more than just my full refund kung gusto ko pero since gusto ko makuha na lang ang pera ko in due time, ganun ang ginawa ko, kaso parang inaabuso na nila ako. Just today when this customer care officer named AIZA told me, its their new policy na i will sign a quit claim first before they will process my cheque. What a lame excuse. I have been working with quit claims for the longest time at ang alam ko, pipirma ko nun pag nakuha mo na ang pera mo. Kaliwaan. Di nila ako maloloko. I told her I wont sign anything pag di ko nahawakan ang cheque ko. I can sign everything on that day that they will release my cheque. That said Aiza have assured me a call back since kahapon ng tanghali, tapos kanina tanghali, yet wala pa din. I cant believe ganito ang nararanasan ko sa DMCI. I dunno kung alam ng may ari to and i really wish alam nya ang mga nangyayaring irregularities sa loob. Investigate on your people, ang daming inside job na nangyayari sa loob. Kaming mga customer ang kawawa in the end. Hindi biro ang pera that we have invested sa company.

    I just hope that authorities will also start investigating this developer. Oo, maganda sila, nakaka halina pero one should investigate on the background of the company before investing with them. I just want my money back.. sa inyo na ang unit ko.

    1. Hi, Ms, Engo,
      I am sorry to hear about your experience.
      In order for us to verify this matter, may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact information. If you can also send us a copy of the documents pertaining to your transaction in order to help us make the verification further, it will be greatly appreciated.
      You may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  24. I bought a property before at Cityland and I could really compare how worse the services of DMCI are. DMCI has an inefficient and poor system of handling clients’ financial and other records. I asked for my remaining balance in a property in Rosewood, and I was told it would take two weeks, which they weren’t even able to deliver on time (the same request from Cityland would not even take 5 days, and so I wonder how such a big company as DMCI could be that inefficient). Anyway, when finally I was able to get the computation of my balance, I was being charged penaly for late payment of downpayment which should have been paid 2 months after my reservation (and this was way back in 2007). I was only aware of such schedule of payment when finally I got the computation sheet and copy of contract to sell 3 months after my reservation. The assumption was that downpayment should be made before release of unit, and the unit was not even released on time (but 2 months after expected date!), and yet I have to pay the penalty. DMCI does not give its client the right information and even penalizes its client, even for someone who has never been negligent on payments. It’s stressful dealing with DMCI, and their top management should seriously consider upgrading their system and honing the ability of their staff.

    1. Hi, Ms. Manalo,
      I am sorry to hear that you have been penalized way back in 2007 without your knowledge and was only made aware recently which caused you too much stress.
      In order for us reconcile your payments and check your records, may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact information.
      You may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  25. Dito ako nakatira sa DMCI at sana nag patraining na lang sila ng kanilang mga security instead sa walang kwentang robots. Ang daning problema sa swcurity tapoa eto ang inaatupag ng mga managemenr s DMCI. Paano titino ang proprty natin kung walang pake ang DMCI sa mga buyers na tulad namin

    1. Hi, Mr. Abo,
      Thank you for the feedback. This activity aims to provide kids in our community background on STEM-based learning.
      On the other hand, the security agency conducts training for the security officers.
      Should you need assistance, may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact information so that I can have one our Customer Care Specialists call you.
      You may also email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  26. ang ayoko sa amin, napaka-lax ng DMCI security and PMO pagdating sa pagsita sa mga maingay. sa amin kasi, bawal dapat ang maingay na construction before 10am and dati ko pa issue yan na hindi nasosolve ng Security and PMO. di rin nila sinisita ang mga maingay kahit 2am na. tsk.

    1. Hi, Ms. Santos,
      I am sorry to hear that have been encountering disturbances in your unit caused by the ongoing construction. In order for us to call the attention of the concerned team, may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact information.
      You may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  27. May iba dyan badtrip kay dmci kasi apparently dmci owner bumagsak yung unang real estate company nila befor dmci. May mga nadale dun…

  28. hala! was planning to get a unit pa naman sana from DMCI sana these complains and problems are not real, do you guys know any legit agent na you can refer to me?

      1. Hi, Ms. Ramintas,
        Thank you for your interest to buy your your future home with us. You may log in to to check you preferred home. One of our Corporate Accounts Specialists will be glad to assist you.
        Thank you.
        DMCI Homes Online Relations

  29. okay naman ang DMCI, i mean my brother and his wife are renting here and i haven’t heard any stories of them complaining about DMCI.

    1. Hi, Mr. Garcia,
      Thank you for the positive feedback. It gives us more motivation to the best provider of residential communities .
      Should you need assistance, you may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  30. can someone rant on avida? on a separate thread of course.

    i just fully paid my two units. as first time buyer, i want to know what problems to expect, except for the delay, which is pretty typical for these developers.

    appreciate it, ty.

  31. DMCI Homes are very good at getting you to buy a condo. After that there is no after sales service. They do not answer phones or e-mails, make mistakes on your account and then add massive penalties to your balance. After you have penalties they stop depositing your cheques and cause you even more penalties. The interest is exhorbitant and if they mess up your account they refuse to discuss this with their clients, they just give you a complete blank and keep adding penalties. This is just a money lending scam. They do not want you to become a homeowner. They want you to fail and get back your keys. They refuse to communicate with their customers. A very dangerous company which is to be avoided. I am sure many others have had similar experience, now its time to start fighting back and expose them for what they are.

    1. Hi, Mr. bernardo,
      I am sorry to hear that you had this kind of experience in your dealings with us. In order for us to verify the status of your account, may I ask for your complete name, unit details and contact information.
      You may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  32. One thing to watch out sa DMCI Homes. Meron silang Customer Care pero all this department does is just to forward the complaints to the concerned department. Para lang syang Secretary’s Office o kaya Receiving and Forwarding Section, receive complaints and forward complaints. If you would follow-up dahil wala kang nare-receive na response and action, they would say that they already forwarded to the concerned department and that the concerned department is separate from them. It’s the end of their function, there is nothing more that they can do.

    1. Hi, Mr. Molina,
      One of the company’s core values is Interdependence, hence Customer Care works together with our back room support to deliver clients’ concerns. Customer Case ensures that all concerns are received, processed and bring into completion in order to please and delight our clients.
      Should you need assistance, you may email us at or call us at 5555-7700, 0918-918-3456 or 0917-811-5268
      Thank you
      DMCI Homes Online Relations

  33. google DMCI complaints and you will find out na mas madami kalokohang ginagawa tao nila. why? in my opinion corruption ang culture in DMCI. everyone just wanted to make money. perhaps because DMCI is a long-time government contractor, thus, they are used to the culture of corruption.

  34. Numerous complaints against DMCI Homes including details, mostly related to after sales service, are posted online. just google it

  35. Hindi nga matibay ang mga building ng DMCI. Look what happened to Ecoland 4000 condo in Davao… nawasak diba… ganyan ang poor quality ng DMCI. Mag SMDC na lang kayo


    Netizens aren’t buying DMCI and the Consunji family’s denial that they own the Ecoland 4000 condominium complex in Davao City, which collapsed following the magnitude 6.5 earthquake which hit parts of Mindanao earlier this week.

    In a statement, DMCI said it is not the developer of Ecoland 4000.
    “The company was not involved in the development, design, and construction of the said project,” it said, adding that Verdon Parc was its only project in Davao City.
    A portion of Ecoland 4000 condominium complex’s Himeji building suffered heavy damage following the powerful earthquakes which rocked Mindanao on October 29 and 31.
    Local reports said mid-rise condominiums were built by DMC Urban Property Developers Inc. (DMC-UPDI).
    Netizen @ptbilog said DMC-UPDI must be “coincidentally” holding office in DMCI’s building along Chino Roces Avenue in Makati City..
    An article posted by the newspaper Business World on its website on May 23, 2017, titled “DMCI Homes plans new Davao condo project,” identified DMC-UPDI as a sister company of DMCI.
    “The P3-billion Verdon Parc project, which DMCI took over from sister company DMC Urban Property Development, Inc. last year, consists of four buildings in a three-hectare property in the Ecoland area,” a portion of the article read.
    The website, said DMC-UPDI was behind the real estate project Ecoland 4000, Magellanes Residences, Palmetto Place, Hacienda and Verdon Parc.

    Better to but SMDC properties

  37. DMCI built a poor quality condo building in Davao.

    In Davao City, President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s hometown, one of the two buildings of DMCI Ecoland 4000 collapsed, hurting nine people.
    The City Engineers’ Office had recommended the condemnation of the five-story building with 56 housing units, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said at a briefing.
    Unit owners were informed about the building’s unsafe status, but some renters opted to stay because they had nowhere else to go, the mayor said. The city’s legal office would look into possible charges, she said.

    Mayor Sara Duterte told real estate developers here to religiously follow the recommendations of the City Engineer’s Office when erecting new buildings after a five-story building of the Ecoland 4000 Residences of property developer DMC Urban Property Developers Inc. (DMC-UPDI) was severely damaged after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake jolted parts of Mindanao Thursday morning..
    “We advised them to heed the recommendations of the City Engineer’s Office,” she told reporters in a press conference.
    Duterte said the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office will soon release a list of buildings that are subject for condemnation after sustaining major cracks, posing danger to the lives of the occupants.
    She said the local government had already advised the building administrator of Ecoland 4000 Residences’ Himeji Building, the first of the two-tower condominium, last Wednesday about the notice of condemnation as the building might be unsafe for habitation.
    She urged owners of all buildings in the city to check the structural integrity of their properties following the strong earthquake.
    At least nine occupants of the Himeji Building, situated along the Eco West Drive, sustained minor injuries during the 9:11 a.m. quake, which occurred only two days after the magnitude 6.6 earthquake.
    Duterte told reporters in a press briefing outside the damaged building that eight occupants were treated by the responders on-site while one of those injured was brought to the hospital.
    She said the City Engineer’s Office had already advised the building administrator of the DMCI Homes on Wednesday to subject it already for condemnation as it had sustained major cracks after the destructive earthquake last October 29.
    Duterte said she was informed by the building administrator of Ecoland 4000 Residences Thursday morning that of the 56 units, 15 to 20 units remained occupied after residents were forcibly evacuated since Tuesday.
    The mayor said the assessment team has yet to ascertain if all of them were present when the strong earthquake struck. But the building administrator informed her that some renters asked that they be allowed to stay since they have no other place stay.
    The search and rescue team conducting an inspection, she said, was assisted by K-9 dogs to help find possible survivors trapped amidst the rubble.
    As of 2:24 p.m., disaster volunteer group Knight Hawk offered to help its services to the city’s search and rescue team to determine the possibility of any survivors still trapped.
    Duterte said she will have to discuss with the City Legal Office on what action to take if proven that the building owner neglected to heed the recommendation to condemn the damaged condominium.
    She said the serving of notice of condemnation should have prevented the occupants from returning to their units.

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