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Why You Should Buy a Portable Air Cooler This Summer

Here’s everything you need to know and why portable air cooler are a definite buy this summer

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With summer almost around the corner, a reliable portable air cooler is a must buy.

Summer is the time of year for fun and vacation, but if there’s one thing that we dread about the coming season, it’s surely the harsh heat accompanying it. Certainly, no one can’t escape the high summer temperature in the tropical islands of the Philippines. The bad part is the fact that you can’t go outside without burning your skin. The worst part is that even inside your homes and establishments, you can’t move around without sweating bullets. But the good news here is that portable air coolers are very much available nearly anywhere in the country.

How Portable Air Coolers Work

Similar to the principle of usual Air Conditioning Units, portable air coolers also operate by sucking in the warm air inside the room then cooling or dehumidifying it before puffing it out again. They can come in either single or dual duct models. These ducts are connected to an exhaust hose or installed in a window or any open space to vent air outside. Single-duct air coolers draw the sultry air from the room and cool most of it prior to sending it back into the room. Meanwhile, dual-duct units use one duct to take air in from the outside and the other one to exhaust air from the inside.

Aside from the number of ducts, portable air coolers also vary in the type of drainage. Full self-evaporative air coolers don’t need any other installations as they can evaporate the moisture through the exhaust hose together with the warm air. Whereas, some portable air coolers come with a gravity drain that can be connected to a bucket for the water produced. Others can simply be a manual type where owners remove the collected water themselves.

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Benefits of Buying Portable Air Coolers

Why buy a portable air cooler, you say? Here are four reasons to start shopping for one.

  1. They are quite easy to install. They don’t require any complicated and separate wirings for your home, unlike the window type aircon we usually use. Simply plug them into any available outlet and you’re already good to go. They also do not require a difficult window installation since they come with easy-to-install exhaust kits that can be set up by the users themselves. 
  1. They have high mobility. Being lightweight and built with wheels, portable air coolers are very mobile. You can place them anywhere in the room that needs cooling and depending on the length of your exhaust hose, you can move them from place to place anytime. 
  1. They free your window. Houses with only limited windows prefer not to have any other objects blocking the views of the outside so window type air conditioner are definitely not an option. Portable air coolers, on the other hand, do not consume much space in your window and give the homeowners the freedom to do whatever they want with their windows without the units getting in the way. 
  1. They do not have any unpleasant parts that can be seen outside the home. The awful thing about installing a window type air conditioning unit is that most of its body is hanging outside the home, making it very unattractive to the eyes, while portable air coolers are safely tucked inside your home.
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What to Consider When Buying Portable Air Coolers

When buying the best portable cooler for you, there are several factors you must consider. The unit must have an on/off timer capability that automatically turns off the unit after a specified amount of time to reduce energy consumption and prevent it from running all night long. Having an automatic louver is also very convenient as it directs air to a wide range of space rather than fixating the cool air in a single location. Lastly, what’s the use of a portable air cooler without having any wheels?

Luckily, the lightweight TOSOT Portable Air Cooler offers just that and more! It’s the perfect cooling unit for any establishment or home this summer. Designed with classic functionality with a hint of modern technology, you can experience nature’s natural breeze without the complication of installing window type ACs. It comes with a handy infrared remote control, soft touch control keys, and a very comprehensive water level indicator. Aside from its 5-liter water tank capacity, it also has an access door for the ice chamber. The unit also features four kinds of fan speed and an auto louver movement suitable for any kind of cooling applications. Certainly, whatever your needs are, you can never go wrong with TOSOT Portable Air Cooler.

To find out the best portable air cooler for your home, office or party event venue, visit TOSOT showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website (click here) to get more information about the best portable air cooler in the Philippines.


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