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Filipino Scientist Wants Easy Renewable Energy Access

Elmar Villota,focuses his studies on renewable energy and wants to light every Filipino homes

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Filipino Scientist

The Philippines has a long way to go before it can catch up with the technologies of countries such as Japan. A country with a promising future, it still has a lot of issues to work on like the challenges the country faces in providing energy for every household in the country. Around 15 percent of households still do not have access to electricity. This is the sad reality for some Filipinos as they get by life with no access to a more efficient and convenient lifestyle.

Using this as motivation, Filipino scientist, Elmar Villota,focuses his studies on renewable energy and wants to light every Filipino homes with the help of sustainable energy. He says, “A simple light bulb could make a world of difference. Without a sustainable source of electricity, students can’t have light or read comfortably at night. Imagine how much knowledge they would miss.”

Source: Washington State University

Villota also adds that using sustainable energy will help the Philippines improve its technological state. He is currently a doctoral student in biological systems engineering at Washington State University Tri-Cities. The school is popular for its excellent program in renewable energy research. With the school’s partnership with PNNL, a popular renewable energy sector innovator and WSU Tri-Cities’ program in the renewable energy sector, Villota decided to study here. 

Villota focuses his attention on the conversion of second-generation biomass into biofuels and other useful products. His specialization is on the enzymatic hydrolysis, where the bacteria and fungi break down plant cell walls into sugar. This sugar can then be converted into fuel. Villota

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hopes that his research will, one day, benefit every Filipino. He says, “Through this experience, I hope to extend students’ learning capabilities, and in turn, extend the potential for them to make a difference in the world.”

Source: Washington State University

Villota is also a lecturer in his home university, the Central Luzon State University. He also serves as a technical expert in renewable energy for his home univeristy’s Affiliated Renewable Energy Center and Phil-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology.

So far, the government is working with other private companies on investing more on renewable energy to provide power for its citizens. Around 406 renewable energy projects were already built or being constructed around the country. If this goes well, the progress in the country’s technology will vastly improve – therefore improves the state of the country in other aspects such as its economy.

As for individual sector, more students in the STEM field must be encouraged to study or pursue their studies on renewable energy. With a promising future for today’s Filipino students, the Philippines may be in good hands after all.



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