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These Solar Panels Add An Aesthetic Value To Producing Clean Energy

Emirates Insolaire is proud to present its Kromatix technology which allows its clients to choose from a new set of colors for their solar panels.

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We already know how important it is for different countries to shift to renewable energy given today’s environmental conditions. Different researches from institutions across the world have already reported that with renewables, such as solar energy, we can lessen our carbon footprint and have resources that will help us produce clean energy. Now, what if switching to renewables can help improve a place’s aesthetics too?

In an industry where solar panels are either produced in black or blue, this company based in Dubai is making solar panels more appealing to the public!

Photo Credit: Emirates Insolaire

Satteins, Austria: AKS DOMA Solartechnik Headquarter Building

Photo Credit: Emirates Insolaire

Emirates Insolaire, a joint venture of Dubai Investments PJSC and SwissINSO, is proud to present its Kromatix technology which allows its clients to choose from a new set of colors for their solar panels. Forget about black and blue, Emirates Insolaire offers Kromatice solar glass in green, gold or terracotta. Hidden inside its opaque finish is its power-generating technology that helps produce clean energy. These solar products are not only available for rooftops, they can also be used in balconies and facades.

In the company’s website, it shared, “With KromatixTM technology, the solar panels are no longer architectural intruders. They can be harmoniously integrated into the building envelope. Roofs, facades and balconies are now fully available to collect the sun radiation and maximize the solar energy production.”

Even though solar transmittance may vary based on the color used, the company assures its clients that their products’s transmittance is more than 85 percent. Together with their solar panels, Kromatix modules are also manufactured which have an average efficiency of more than 15 percent. These products were developed together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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Photo Credit: Emirates Insolaire via Inhabitat

Their website also explained the color principle behind the solar panels:

“The colored appearance results from the reflection of a narrow spectral band in the visible part of the solar spectrum. The rest of the solar radiation is transmitted to the solar panel to be converted into energy. The colored coating stacks are optimized to offer the best compromise between color intensity and solar panel efficiency.”

Adding an aesthetic value to the solar panels doesn’t mean only the richest companies can afford it. With an estimated 5.5 kilowatt solar system, it will cost you around $1300 to $1500.


Emirates Insolaire


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