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Solar-Powered Villas in Maldives Are So Awesome

These amazing villas are the most luxurious getaway for the eco-conscious rich.

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Would you like to go to Maldives one of these days? How about staying in one of its 5-star resorts and relax in rooms complete with a patio, lounge, private pool, dressing room, personal butlers and a mini-bar? Would you like to stay in a 5-star resort where it’s so close to the beach, where its staff treats you like royalty and everything’s powered by solar energy?

Check out Finolhu Villas now.

It’s a project created by New York firm Yuji Yamazaki Architecture (YYA). It just recently launched earlier last year and currently has clients going in and out of the resort everyday. This awesome resort is located at the island of Gasfinolhu and it just measures five hectares.

Source: Door To Maldives

The resort has 52 lavish villas that are linked together like a vertebrae expanding from a spine. Each villa has three rooms and size ranges from around 1,600 to 1,800 square feet. Giant solar panels are tastefully positioned in plain sight and have become a part of the resort’s design. These solar panels can produce a megawatt of energy that’s more than enough to power the whole resort. The resort has stored extra energy in case the weather’s not so sunny.

So you don’t have to worry about running out of power when you visit the resort.

The resort also has an efficient waste management system and a desalination tank for a self-sufficient water tank.

The firm behind this project has clearly created an eco-lover’s paradise. No need to worry about the carbon footprint you’ll be leaving behind. This resort lets you have all the fun without feeling guilty.

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But wait, how about the price?

It’s a five-star resort so this place doesn’t come cheap. Though price depends on the season, you can expect a minimum amount of $10,0000 USD for your vacation’s budget. Go check your bank account now! Maybe you can have your vacation there next year.

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