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He Built the Real Wall-E Autonomous Robot

Meet Wall-E Robot In Real Life

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The cute and adorable autonomous robot from the movie Wall-E is now a reality. Question is who has made this possible? A California based roboticist Mile Senna has made a real, working and moveable Wall-E. This is a cute robot that can wave and also call out its name in a digitalized and rattly voice.

What really led him to build this autonomous robot? Mike always had a weakness for robots and that made him use his knowledge of programming and electronics and to build the cool robot, Wall-E.

He has dedicated twenty five hours every week to build the kickass robot. He uses this robot for various activities like cheering up sick kids.

What are the capabilities of the robot, Wall-E? The robot has been enabled with the capability of moving both his arms up and down. It is amazing to see the robot move its head horizontally as well as vertically.

Source: DJ Sures

The autonomous robot has drive wheels that help him move forward and backward and also right and left. The best part about the robot is its eyes. The eyes are illuminating and it runs on batteries. The robot has been enabled with voice recognition system so that it is able to give instructions and make sounds like that robot, Wall-E in the movie. This is all controlled with the help of Arduiho.

Building a Wall-E is much more challenging than building R2-D2. That is because R2-D2 was a real on-screen robot created with costumes and props, on the other hand Wall-E has been built with the help of computer graphics. If you take a look at the robot you will find that it looks exactly like the one we saw in the movie. This is the life-size working replica from the movie. Though it does not have the artificial intelligence like the robot in the movie, it is pretty much impressive.

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Source:DJ Sures

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