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This Creepy Mask Can Help You Learn How to Code

But unfortunately, it cannot be worn. It could have been perfect for a Halloween costume.

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At first look, this spooky mask seems great for a Halloween costume. Wear a robotic black suit and you will easily win the crowd. But unfortunately, that’s not what it was designed for.

That’s because the mask in consideration called Nova is actually a robot which helps you learn to code. It is an Arduino-based artificial intelligence device that can let you build your own AI robot while practicing coding and engineering skills. But unfortunately it cannot be worn.

Photo by Creoqod

Designed by engineers at Creoqod, Nova is a do-it-yourself kit that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Newbies in coding are recommended to check this spooky mask, but seasoned professionals are also invited to try this new testing platform in programming.

Nova easily enhances your engineering and computer science skills. Building it will give you a good grasp of concepts in computer vision, image processing, kinematics, and control theory, among others.

Once the robot is finished, you have the power to play with its features thanks to its AI ability. You can recognize and track faces, identify colors, measure distances, and move in five different axis – all to your liking.

Video by Creoqod

In an interview with Digital Trends, Creoqod CEO Cem Eltutar said that Nova is fully customizable.

“Users can literally do anything they can imagine with it,” he shared. “Any type of sensor and electronic gadgets can be connected to add new functionalities — to name a few, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microphone, speakers, thermal vision, wheels, and additional motors. Nova will appeal to everyone who has a passion and interest in robotics, artificial intelligence, electronics, computer programming and engineering.

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“This kit is ideal for people who want to see and understand the working principles of such a device,” Eltutar added.

Photos by Creoqod

Also according to him, the team behind Nova will reach universities to be included in their robotics, engineering and computer programming classes.

“Many concepts that are only thought about theoretically in the classroom can be demonstrated practically with Nova. This increases the quality of the education and adds value to the learning experience,” he said.

The kit – which so far includes board, servo motors, servo shield, joystick, acrylic body parts, mask, HD camera, ultrasonic sound sensor, jumper wires, power adapter, USB data cable, and assorted screws, nuts, and spacers – is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. This early bird version costs $183, but you have to wait for shipping until May 2018.

Source: Digital Trends

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