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Save Money and Lives With Robotic Tank Cleaning

Let’s see how and why this novel cleaning method can not only save you money but save lives too

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Save Money with Robotic Tank Cleaning


Budget is the number one consideration for any business, and plants and refineries are no different. When it comes to profits, reducing your expenditure is just as effective as raising your sales. If you’re interested in finding a way that you can save money on your industrial tank cleaning consider proactive maintenance with robotic tank cleaning.

Let’s see how and why this novel cleaning method can not only save you money but save lives too.

Reducing the Hidden Costs of Injuries

An often-overlooked cost is accidents and injuries on the job. While we would all prefer to assume that accidents don’t happen and no one will be injured, the truth is that if there’s a risk of accident or injury, you have to consider the associated costs of lawsuits or settlements, fines for violations, and the built-in costs of insurance.

The best way to reduce the costs of accidents and injuries is to reduce how often they happen on your site.

One such way you can reduce the possibility of accidents is to train your employees rigorously, organize thorough safety checks, and ensure that all proper equipment is available and up to date.

Another option is to hire specialists. All of these options involve extra costs:

  • Special training
  • Confined space hazard pay
  • Confined space entry permits
  • Specialist contractors

Unfortunately, none of these options completely eliminate the possibility of accidents and injury. Even the best-trained crews with the best equipment still make mistakes and miss important warning signs or safety procedures.

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The US Department of Labor reports that work in confined spaces is responsible for one of the highest injury and death rates in the US labor market. Out of those deaths and injuries, the majority occur during routine maintenance like tank cleaning.

This may be an unpleasant topic, but the numbers talk. Injuries and deaths during tank cleaning and maintenance must be considered and addressed.


When using robotic tank cleaning methods you can bypass all of these problems by removing the worker from inside the tank entirely.

With no human workers physically present in confined spaces, the possibility of accidents or injuries is completely cut out, and your workers can safely manage the robot via a remote from safely within the plant.

The great news is that robots don’t require extra safety training or equipment so they can enter the tank immediately after setup.

Improving Efficiency

Another area to cut costs is by increasing efficiency. Of course, speeding up any of the processes in your business only helps if the quality of the work stays high.

Using robots for industrial tank cleaning projects can greatly improve the efficiency of your maintenance procedures while maintaining a high standard of quality that a human cannot keep up for the entity of the project.

How so?

This method uses robots to completely take the place of human workers. These are specialized machines built specifically for the task at hand. They can work without stopping until the job is done, no overtime pay required.

Downtime for your equipment means lost profits. Ecorobots can drastically reduce that downtime since they never need breaks. That means no time lost for vacations or sick days. All they require is remote control via one of your crew.

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Make the Switch to Robots

If your business relies on industrial containment and you’re still sending employees or hiring contractors to clean your tanks, consider making the switch to robotic cleaning. Compare the costs involved, including all of the expenses of using a cleaning crew.

Don’t forget to consider the risks. Could an accident happen at your facility? It’s likely. Not only will utilizing robotic tank cleaning methods protect you and your workers from accidents, it can greatly speed up your maintenance cycle at the same time.

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