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Uses for Slip Rings in Robotics 

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This is an in-depth guide on how slip rings can be used across the robotics industry, their applications, advantages and just about everything else you would need to know about slip rings in robotics.

As you may already know, the use of slip rings in the robotics industry is on the rise and has been over the last few years, with the developments in technology across the globe we are seeing more and more slip rings used in robotics.

When used in robotic applications, slip rings are known as robot slip rings or robotic rotary joints.

When using slip rings in robotics the danger posed to humans by some tasks is removed. For example, no longer is a human required to manually weld, this process can be done by a robot with the use of a slip ring.

Not only does this prevent any danger to our skin and eyes, but it also removes the wage bill of having to pay an employee to carry out the task. This saves money in your budget further down the line and continues to save more and more money as time passes.

Regardless of how diverse the individual applications are, a common feature of robotics technology is the use of electric motors and slip rings to perform their tasks successfully.

Robots are used for a huge array of different essential everyday applications; without them, the world would not work as smoothly as it does. In the past slip rings were used for transferring data and power signals from a stationary inlet to a revolving outlet, in today’s world they often have special tasks to complete in addition to the transfer of power and other signals.

Our slip rings offer superior signal transferring capabilities when rotating at 360 degrees compared to other suppliers. You can be sure that our product will last and provide insane levels of value for money, you will be pleasantly surprised about how durable and how long our slip rings last.

We will now discuss the robotic applications for which slip rings are able to be used for.

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Common applications in which Moflon’s slip rings can be used for robotic applications, but not limited to:

Outer Space – Slip rings aid the performance of robots on spaceships, removing the need for manual programming of onboard machinery and devices, saving time for the crew on board to focus on more important tasks. Our Slip rings are also used onboard space shuttles to manage and simplify the overall workload.

Heavy labour- We can use slip rings for tasks which require humans to repeatedly perform the same task, such as moving and transporting objects from one location to another. The use of slip rings automates the process saving money again on your wage bill and preventing the need for extra staff. The robot will not pause for a break too drastically increasing productivity and overall output.

Medical treatment – Slip rings are used for laparoscopic robots as well as a range of other surgical robots; at Moflon, our range of electric slip ring bring high levels of precision control even at very low speeds. Our slip ring delivers consistency and accuracy to surgeons when they require it most.

Oil & Gas/Mining Robotics – Our slip rings can be used in this industry not only for drill controls to wireless pipe cleaning robots but for the mining of both oil and gas from the earth. These individual industries encompass a wide range of robotic systems.

General robotic use- Our slip rings are highly suited for use in vacuum cleaning robots (hoover), floor cleaning robots as well as robots used for cleaning out drains and gutters, we also manufacture slip ring to be used for cleaning out swimming pools. By opting to use a robot, money can be saved.

Manipulation Systems within robotics – Robotic manipulators can be used for masses of different purposes including organizing, storing and preparing accurate geological samples for scientists to analyze.

Moflon’s slip rings are highly suited for use in actuators and uninterrupted rotating joints within robotic manipulators. Our products are largely responsible for delivering both reliable and high-precision performance, not limited to just slow speeds but high-speed applications as well as operating across all torque ranges.

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 Advantages of Slip rings in robotics

Here at Moflon all of our slip rings are manufactured from highly durable materials with the ability for the slip ring to be IP65 sealed, making it perfect for use in harsh environments. Our innovative technology featuring highly researched designs and top-quality internal components ensures the durability of our products, they are built to last with no need for costly maintenance 3-6 months in the future, as found with other suppliers.

Our Slip rings can be manufactured in a variety of ways and in many shapes and sizes. We offer a through bore version for the threading of wires and other electrical cables. Should your application require a compact sized slip ring we can design and manufacture this specifically for your business needs.

As well as the already discussed benefits above, we are in the position to manufacture slip ring which have their own individual useful features.

  • Our slip rings can be manufactured so that the slip ring is water Resistant up to IP67 standard.
  • Suitable for extreme environments with the latest developments in IP65 sealing
  • We are able to design a slip ring for uses in robotics that is easily mountable of the shaft as well as offering a flat design should your application require we do this.

Contact us here if you require any of the above specifications added to your slip ring and we will be happy to assist you!


After reading this guide, we now hope you have a better understanding of how slip ring can be used across the robotics industries and their advantages in simplifying many processes in the industry. Slip ring go a long way to saving money on employee wage bills as well as removing potentially dangerous jobs which in the past a human would be required to do. If you enjoyed the content in this guide let us know here!

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