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Smart Cooking Gadgets for the Hi-Tech Kitchen

With these IoT kitchen gadgets, we will be changing the way we order, store, cook, and eat food in our homes.

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Nowadays, everything has a connection thanks to the Internet of Things. Just like how our phones are connected to our cars, how our gaming consoles are connected to our televisions, or how our lights and air conditioning system are synced to each other. It’s the same for the kitchen as well. Scientists and researchers have created smart cooking gadgets that are perfect for a hi-tech kitchen. With these IoT kitchen gadgets, we will be changing the way we order, store, cook, and eat food in our homes.

Grocery Ordering

Amazon Dash

Source: Amazon

This wand helps you with your grocery shopping by collecting items for your list and orders them at Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is a local delivery service that also has a whole lot of non-grocery Amazon items. Unfortunately, Dash still isn’t widely available so many will still have to wait.


Source: Amazon

This gadget looks like a large refrigerator magnet, but it’s more than just that. It is able to scan and tell which groceries you are lacking and is able to integrate with various third-party shopping lists. It compares the prices of different online stores.

Monitors and Alarms


Source: Digital Trends

Kepler is a natural gas and carbon monoxide monitor. You can put it anywhere in the house where you need to monitor gas build up—like the basement near a gas-fired boiler, or the kitchen stove. This can also be used as a handy kitchen timer. All you have to do is twist the dial to set a certain countdown and wave your hand above it to silence the alarms.

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Source: Erlibird

Birdi has a similar function to the previous item. It is an air quality indicator which monitors carbon monoxide, pollen, particulates, temperature, as well as humidity. If ever any of these would rise to high levels, Birdi will alert you or anyone you authorize with a text message, or an automated call. Multiple Birdi devices can also repeat alarms from other rooms or houses if your neighbors connect their devices with yours.


Source: Digital Trends

The eggminder is a smart egg tray that lets you know how much eggs you have left in the fridge while you’re at the grocery store shopping. Each slot of the egg tray also has a sensor that monitors the freshness of the individual eggs. The shelf-life of the eggs will be based on when the eggs were placed in the tray. LED lights will indicate which eggs in the tray are the freshest.

Range Digital Thermometer

Source: Stack Social

The Range Digital Thermometer is a precision food thermometer that is specially designed to be easily used in combination with most of today’s gadgets. It is wired and plugs into a phone or table so you can monitor the temperature of your cooking food. It provides temperature graphs and instant readouts.

Everycook automated pressure-cooker

Source: Postscapes

This pressure cooker is designed for people who don’t feel too comfortable in the kitchen. It’s a part food processor, part pressure cooker and part robot. All you have to do is select a recipe from an online database through the partner mobile app. Then, add the needed ingredients through the slicer and into the cooking pot. The pot includes a mechanical stirring paddle that keep things going. The heat settings and cooking time are being handled automatically according to your chosen recipe. It doesn’t get easier than that

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Source: Kickstarter

The Hapifork may be one of the best gadgets to help you lose weight while enjoying your food, how? By helping you eat slower. This device has a built in capacitive sensor and a built-in vibration motor which will sent out gentle physical notifications or flash small indicator lights whenever it detects that you’re eating faster than your stomach can digest.

Surely there are ore awesome kitchen gadgets that you can add to your smart kitchen, these are just some of them. Happy cooking, engineers!

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