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3 Mining Simulation Games Worth a Try

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These mining simulation games will teach you and your kids the basic operations of mining.

Mining is known to be a dangerous and dirty work, usually involving long shifts. Some people might be interested in exploring this world regardless of that, but it can be unsafe because of the unfamiliarity of work environment. So what better way can mining be more of a personal experience? Simulation games, of course!

Mining Simulation Games (Source: OnePlay)

Plunge into the underground or open-pit deposits using simulators that will give you an idea of how life is like being a miner or a mining engineer. These three games will definitely help:

Underground Mining Simulator

Mining Simulation Games (Source: Lextube)

Published by Excalibur Publishing, the Underground Mining Simulator explores mining of coal, iron, salt and gold mines. In this application for PC, one can experience mining through explosives, drilling equipment, and face tunnelling machine.

Mining and Tunneling Simulator

Mining Simulation Games (Source: Squirrel)

Also available on PC, the Mining and Tunneling Simulator focuses on blasting rocks and drill tunnels. You are going to excavate materials through a shovel dozer, with other operations involving cranes and trains. You also have to steer all vehicles like the maintenance van, crane, tunnel drilling machine or the fire brigade. This is made by Libredia.

Surface Mining Simulator

Mining Simulation Games (Source: ThoroughTec Simulation)

This PC application embarks you on tasks involving mining on the surface of minerals like coal, turf, gravel, sand and rocks using wheel loaders, bulldozers, crushing machines and conveyors. You are allowed to create, edit and exchange machines, if you like; but the greatest takeaway of this Ingress simulator game is you will feel like you’re running your own mining business

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